A Title? Why?


The weather forecasters are still pretty lousy at what they do, but now they have minute by minute down to the square meter forecasts that give them even more ways to be wrong all the time. They said yesterday afternoon that the snow would begin here at 7:30PM. Apparently the snow plow drivers believed ’em. On the up side, I was all alone on virgin snow atop pavement I knew to be free of packed snow and/or ice, so with the big game and livestock all holed up to ride out the storm the only real challenge was the greatly reduced visibility. It was mostly a winter wonderland kind of thing, so not too bad at all. I wouldn’t want to be on an unfamiliar highway in a storm like that one, though, because it was one of those deceivers that makes the road look twice as wide as it truly is and erases tire tracks, the clues left by folks who know the terrain, in half a minute. It would have been a lousy night to be out there on unfamiliar highways.

There wouldn’t have been many protesters at a Clinton inauguration so it’s good that we now have a president people feel okay about openly despising and actively resisting, and a groundswell of leftist organizing completely outside of and opposed to the Democratic Party to help organize them. These are good things indeed, and coalescing not a moment too soon. Several decades too late, in fact. The time to stop Trump was 1980, not 2016.

Obama is no less narcissistic than Trump; the only difference between them is that Obama wasn’t born to wealth so had to learn to express his narcissism more charmingly. Just as Trump does, he invited the public to look past his actions to focus on his persona instead — all narcissists do exactly that. It’s mindfuck foreplay. The public indulged him, looked past his actions to focus upon his persona, and took the mindfuck willingly, even lovingly. Oh baby, I want to feel you inside of me, want to feel you cum on my brain stem.

The crucible in which Trump was cast is the same crucible in which I was cast, minus the wealth. Were I genetically predisposed to it, my environment would have catalyzed pathological narcissism in me and that’s what I’d be today. It wouldn’t be because I chose to become a monster, or failed to choose not to become one, or any other thing that I might have done or not done or consciously thought or not thought (and by the way fuck Nietzsche right in his abyss). The expression of your genes determines your will, not the other way around. Every one of us is born with malleable genes, and the environments into which we and our genes are imposed determines which are expressed. Some of those expressed predispositions are good things, some aren’t. Folks who devote their time to such things report that you can very reliably spot a psychopath by looking at a brain scan. That makes it hard to blame the evil fuckers for being evil fuckers, since they are being as they were made and not as they have chosen. Being a compassionate human is sometimes a bitch.

Be that as it may, we shoot rabid dogs even if we love them. We’ve no choice but to fight Trump, and there is absolutely no way that we can take him on directly because he is now a very powerful man. Fortunately, even very powerful orange monkey boys like Trump are very easy to take down because narcissists make lots of enemies and they are completely blind to reality. A narcissist spends as much time keeping his enemies cowed as he spends making his victims quiver, but he never spends any more than the minimum time necessary in either pursuit — ask anyone who has ever been the victim of one of them. As long as the primary focus is elsewhere, you get just enough direct rage to keep you afraid of it. So, all we have to do is to stampede those cows and they’ll trample the narcissist for us.

Hey, cows! We got work to do and people to feed. You fer plowin’, or for grillin’?

Yeah, it takes a little more than that, but not much more. A sufficiently pissed off critical mass of people all changing their registered party affiliations to progressive third parties and then going to those third parties to say hey, let’s us go scare the lumps out of some establishment congresscritters would do the trick just fine. Hey, Cruz, you fer plowin’ or fer grillin’?

Of course, with that done we burn the establishment fuckers in the next election anyway to elect our loyal third party candidates who supported us. You know, like how we believe it should work?

Speakin’ o’ such things, it seems fashionable again to question that there electoral college thing. That makes establishment types nervous because it calls the entire Constitution into question. When you take the Supreme Court’s chickenshit stance of discerning the founders’ original intent, the electoral college is a mine field. The original intent of the founders is crystal clear in this case. The original intent of the founders, as we all know, was to protect the government against the capricious democratic impulses of the electorate. The approved interpretation of it is that it protects us against the risk of electing a madman. Yeah, so how’s that workin’ out, huh? It’s a bullshit argument even if Trump were still just a television show clown and real estate fraudster.

Bear in mind when thinking about the electoral college that where the founders speak of the government they mean themselves, personally, the only government the new nation had ever had, and that the electorate whose democratic impulses frightened them so were, exclusively, wealthy white male landowners. The electorate was the well-to-do, folks of far greater wealth and privilege than the common man. The founders, by way of the electoral college, elevated themselves above the privileged class. Which is to say, concretely, that the Constitution creates an elite ruling class. The elite ruling class of the modern era is not some kind of perverse aberration. It is what the founders intended.

We’re not supposed to notice that. We’re not supposed to be having this conversation. The orange monkey boy, though, makes us have this conversation. He’s the madman the electoral college was supposed to protect us against, and it god damn failed to do that because it works as designed.

It’s that god damned Russia again!

Uh, no, it ain’t. The hack that gave Donald Trump the presidency was Hillary Clinton. Russia’s involvement is by way of competing with those whose interests are served by the US military for coveted Syrian pipeline routes. If some wag-the-dog bullshit about a hacked election will divert attention away from the grotesque failure of the Democratic Party and gin up public support for escalating this war against Russia, well, what the fuck, ya know. Wars against powerful adversaries unite the people behind the government so that whole election fuckup will just go away.

Harping on about the need to go to war against Russia is a large part of what cost Clinton the election by keeping people home on election day. Harping on about the need to go to war against Russia is still going on without her, because Hillary was just a puppet and they don’t really need her. On this, I agree with orange monkey boy that we should not go to war against Russia. Impeaching the fucker without impressing upon Congress our great desire to not go to war against Russia will mean that we go to war against Russia over a god damned pipeline route.

Hey, we already went to war with some Indians in this country over a god damned pipeline route, and by we I mean the people whose interests are served by cops and mercenaries. We can’t really afford to sit around waiting for folks who want to go to war with Russia to get rid of Trump for us, or, worse, change his completely blind narcissistic mind.

That’s why it’s good for us that we do not now have another American president whom we cannot allow ourselves to openly despise and oppose. If we’d got Clinton, she’d be giving us all lip service and we’d all sit down quietly and fold our hands like good little workerbots. Trump, though, we can be pissed off at because he’s so clearly the correct face for the United States Of America, Incorporated.

If we play our cards right, we can save millions of innocent lives at home and abroad. Seems kinda worth doin’ if it don’t drive up the price of gas or interrupt TV sports, huh?



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