Nuke Iowa!

In a moment of bemused reflection earlier today, I recognized that all of the bad shit we latter day hippies, meaning those of us who took up the torches after the first lot all went and “no man, not sold out, bought in”, have been hollering about for forty fucking years has come to pass.

Come tomorrow, a madman gets the nukes. What used to be the next great extinction is the current great extinction, also known as the Anthropocene Era. Our natural environment is becoming increasingly inhospitable and our grandkids are going to curse us by name for the shit we’ve inflicted upon them. Capitalism is consuming itself, with the most powerful capitalists eating their way up the economic food chain, as always, only now they’re getting to us. To them it’s just money, and the displaced are just valueless people who should just go wherever they have traditionally gone throughout the centuries when peasants are not needed any more. Deserts, I think. The Anthropocene era will be known for its deserts. Grandkids with no money to spend probably will end up in the desert where there’s no place to spend money. Makes sense.

I don’t mind any of that, really, as long as pot stays legal in Colorado. The rednecks are at it again, and with the madman in the big chair they might have a better shot this time. They’re arguing that our failure to enforce their laws upon people before they enter their states from ours is cause to compel us to enforce their laws upon all of the people of our state. The logic of it is mind boggling: Making marijuana illegal in Oklahoma and Nebraska does not stop the people of those states from getting the marijuana they want, but making marijuana illegal in Colorado will. Apparently the Mexican cartels and domestic black market producers will stop shipping marijuana into Nebraska and Oklahoma if Colorado makes pot illegal again. Or something like that. And if compelling Colorado somehow to make pot illegal again doesn’t stop people in Nebraska and Oklahoma from getting the pot they want? NUKE IOWA!

Oh, damn. I just realized that I’m not completely despicable because I’m only partially potted up on weed. Gimme a sec…

I read an article the other day in the respectable lefty press in which the author exclaimed that the middle class can no longer afford to live within the major cities and now must make do out in the suburbs. Apparently, the city centers are now stratified into the very well off and the very poor. I dunno. I grew up in a suburb with a whole lot of other middle class kids during that golden era of the middle class when a single income was the norm and the nearby city was widely stratified. American literature of the 19th century indicates that big American cities were widely stratified then, too. European literature of the 17th century indicates that their cities were widely stratified. So what’s the next story that builds upon this exclamation that the middle class can no longer afford to live in the city centers? Time will tell.

Maybe it’s the build-up to war with Iowa. The respectable lefty media is in a somewhat longer than two minutes hate against white working class males just now, and Iowa, I expect, probably has a lot of them. I dunno… maybe they’ve got white working class males there, anyway. It doesn’t really matter once you’re the target of a propaganda campaign. If I were Iowa, I’d be worried. Oklahoma already hates ’em for the drug smuggling problem and, you know, you can see Iowa from Nebraska. I hear that’s as good as militarily defeating a mighty enemy, being able to see their back yard from the roof of your house, in states whose names end in -aska.

So this is what the new third world looks like, huh? I tried for a while to think of it as dystopia, since third world is for folks who never had flush toilets while dystopia is for folks who maybe even still do, but it felt too much the mindfuck. Obama has behaved in every way just like the dictators of the banana republics of old we once sneered at, but is being held out as a heroic figure in the media, as was Ronald Reagan, and every bit as deservedly so. And this new clown got sold like a fucking television wrestler like we weren’t going to notice we were being played, and then we god damned didn’t notice we were being played. Or didn’t care.

Myself, I just didn’t care. Clinton would have been no better, and quite possibly worse. So far all I’ve really heard (spoken to me) was “uh, abortion…”. Wow. The woman spoke of plans to escalate Obama’s eight wars to at least ten, and I should support that in order to avoid electing a president who disagrees with a past decision of the Supreme Court? Take the fucking red pill already, huh? You don’t go to war against a foreign nation in order to secure for your citizens a right they already possess. That’d be like retaliating against Afghanistan and Iraq for something Saudi Arabia did. Oh, wait, we did that very thing. Sold flags like going to the moon sold microwave ovens. Never mind.

Speaking of microwave ovens, America has an obesity epidemic because of the damned things. People are eating processed garbage that comes out of them, and they’re getting fat like dairy cattle because they’re being fed like dairy cattle. On genetically modified welfare corn and soybeans from Iowa.

I, for one, say that we have tolerated Iowa’s support of terrorism and obesity for far too long already. Hard working obese Americans can’t afford to raise their obese children in the rich and enriching culture of vibrant city centers, and the fat fuckers are fat and have to live in the cultural deserts of the suburbs, all because of Iowa’s angry white males, their drug smuggling, and their welfare farms. It’s time we stood together, as Americans, proud Americans, strong Americans, against the Iowan menace.

Where’s Iowa?


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