Karma, Man

Coupla months back I wrote about an unethical downtown merchant pissing me off, and one of the roomies saying she’d call after the first of the year. Roomie called the other day, as promised, bearing the news that the boutique is no more and that she and her sister have taken over the whole place and are eager to get Amethyst’s stuff in there. We’ve got to meet with them to see if we can arrive at agreeable terms, but I imagine we’ll find most anything they might offer that’s short of abusive to be agreeable enough.

I tried not to indulge my tendency for schadenfreude but failed. I, of all people, understand and appreciate the ballistic nature of life’s arc so can’t really hold it against that one that fate chose for her to be a cunt, but I got hurled into a trajectory of my own, too, and can’t help but feel a sense of affirmation in this turn of events.

I know that seems irrational, implying as it does that I believe I live in a world that is good to good people and bad to bad people despite all evidence being to the contrary, but I’ll argue that the only reason the bitch failed is that she’s a bad person.

Several months ago, the shopkeeper somehow found reason to tell Amethyst that most of the boutiques she follows in social media had gone out of business in the last couple of years, “but I’m still here!”. That’s the day I knew she was a goner. I had had my suspicions before, based upon the sort of merchandise she stocked and the way she conducted herself, but that statement alone, in isolation, is all the evidence one might need to know that the woman had a very unhealthy dose of narcissism to contend with. She was reporting that her very own business model was one being decimated throughout the country by our collapsed economy, and she saw in that cause for celebration and public ego masturbation.

Somehow or other the shopkeeper, in the run-up to the holiday retail season, looked upon her stagnant retail inventory and responded by investing heavily in new inventory, and also fucking over consignment vendors. Because narcissism makes people blind — they see the world in terms of what gratifies their egos, what threatens their egos, and the irrelevant rest. There being no room in her psyche for self-doubt, she responded to proof that she didn’t understand the market by going on a buying spree.

The lunatic buying spree isn’t what killed the business, it was just the big bang at the end. She’s oblivious to market signals, because narcissism blinded her. So being a bad person is why her business failed. I like it when every now and then life just randomly makes sense. It restores my faith in the organic compounds.


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