Obama’s Legacy: Racist

On Saturday I randomly encountered my acquaintance the capital-D Democrat who surprised me at the caucus by voting for Bernie Sanders. He did not surprise me at all on Saturday — he behaved as the loyal apparatchik, as though he wasn’t sitting just two seats away and looking right at me when I addressed the Democratic Party caucus several months ago. I was feeling grotesquely disrespected by the son of a bitch standing their preaching party gospel at me knowing my publicly stated views, but feeling fatigued at the time I opted to ignore the personal for the moment and explain, briefly, why I disrespect his beloved establishment. I told him, also, to watch the Sunday news out of Standing Rock.

The veterans got to Standing Rock and the government surrendered. The only new fact of the matter is the introduction into the path of violence of a class of citizens who cannot be scapegoated, so it’s settled: Our celebrated first black president is a racist, and that will be his legacy. It was perfectly okay to bring state violence to bear on behalf of a corporation breaking federal law as long as it was just Indians and renegades suffering it, but as soon as it was someone who couldn’t be scapegoated the US Army Corps of Engineers, of which Obama is commander in chief, did the right thing and ended the violence.

The truth, as they say, speaks for itself.


2 thoughts on “Obama’s Legacy: Racist

  1. promisesunshine

    I’ll admit I was so happy about this development that I shed some real tears. Of course, I cannot really quite believe this is all over. Our government being what it is, and such. I don’t mind a bit that Obama is taking a bow for this decision. (having finally made it.) Since I dig the man, I will choose to believe the timing had more to do with the Dec 5 deadline than the arrival of the heroic veterans.
    Again, though. Let’s keep watching. The battle isn’t over.

  2. kaylar

    I take it as a given, in this corporate oligarchy, that the big money controls a hell of a lot, and that sitting presidents are considering things we can only partially imagine.
    thank the gods for the veterans. again.
    it’s going to be messy, people, as the dark, being more stupid than anything else, fights us.


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