I like smart chicks

Jill Stein has got vote recounts going in one or more Rust Belt states that might alter our recent past and our future history, too… The recounts could be seen as good for democracy, a thing the US Constitution was never itself intended to be and so will soon enough be revised to prevent these grotesque outbreaks of it.


Remember the Shillary who thought her coronation her fate who proudly spouted rhetoric about being “a progressive who gets things done” and “fighting hard for the hard-working people of America”? If the Green Party’s fight for fair elections lands her in the White House, she’ll arrive as the representative of an establishment she has completely discredited by her own actions over the course of decades and of a party that has abandoned her and is distancing itself from her as it adopts a posture for the next election cycle. She’s already been shredded by a corporate media turned hostile and bitingly critical since judging her a loser, and the people have just seen that she won’t even fight for herself after seeing the same data that set Jill Stein into action because something smelled fishy. If she’s elected in this way, and doesn’t resign, her choice will be between just sitting there awaiting the further humiliation of impeachment and removal from office, or becoming the Hillary Clinton she never wanted or intended to be so has no idea how to be, the president of the people.

Most importantly, though, look at what just happened: An otherwise irrelevant kinda socialist chick saw what looked a lot like a won presidential election just lying there forfeit on the table, and said hey, Hillary, I think this is yours, you must have forgotten it. If the recounts change the outcome, the Democratic Party is dead because the only thing that prevented them from abandoning us to Needledick Donny was Jill Stein making Hillary take the office to which she’d been properly and fairly elected by the American people. If the recount changes the electoral college vote count but not the outcome, the Democratic Party is still shown as having not even tried even when Needledick was our fate because of it.

It seems safe to say that Jill Stein is the smartest politician in America today.




4 thoughts on “I like smart chicks

    1. kaylar

      amen, to the recount being positive. not to mention my discounting of the Stein has been changed to the positive, too.
      besides, the emperor will be deposed by his own typical behavior. it’s the guy behind him that really gives me chills.


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