Huck Foley, or something

Have you see what’s happening on the DAPL protest site today? This is America. Obama’s America. BEFORE Trump takes office. This is the shameful and disgusting America we celebrate. The oligarchs are claiming that the protesters are turning violent but it’s the oligarchs with the goons, attack dogs, rubber bullets, concussion grenades, tear gas, water cannons, and various other weapons who are perpetrating violence against people with no weapons, no money, no power, and no effective voice. The oligarchs are openly committing violence, intentionally maiming unarmed human beings, and blaming their victims for it.

The usual apologists (like Senator Sanders) are “calling upon the president” to do something. Such principled lip service is to be expected of the capitalist lackey class.

Yes, let us call upon the president. President Obama has always been a champion of surplus populations whose presence hinders the exploitation of petroleum assets. In fact, let’s just make a whole sitcom out of it and add the spunky financial crusader chick to the grumpy but lovable old Jewish career nobody politician, throw in a couple of inept but lovable sidekicks, and let them save not just the Injuns but the whole entire world from Donald TinyHands 22 minutes at a time. Then we can all have ice cream and orgasms, both with colorful candy sprinkles, and fall in love and line again with the Democratic Party.

I’m so disgusted I can hardly stand having a life that contains the feeling of it.


4 thoughts on “Huck Foley, or something

  1. solberg73

    As a serious reader and thinker, I’m working top speed to understand who’s against whom.
    Also, full disclosure, I’ve recently banked high-four-figure checks on my PA acreage for right-of-way and crop damages… from a proposed but as yet not finally approved pipeline through my beloved ancestral cornfields. (And Indian graveyards, yet to be discovered there. ) We find arrowheads every year while plowing. In that case our protests were so classically doomed that even the stalwarts gave up hope and re-scheduled elective colonoscopies meanwhile…
    And yet, from what you write, I draw a blank on who are the bad guys here. Except for un-named ‘Jews’. Do clue me in on that.
    In general, I’m against piping through sacred land of a people who have been here since the end of the Pleistocene; even though they did kill all the hairy mammoths, way back before EPA, etc. And of course you don’t need a goddamn pipeline for solar power, which, if engineered satisfactorily, makes fracking look like the pathetic waste of time and risk that it is.
    I’ll await a clearer (to me at least) story here.


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