Could it be?

Does time love a hero? Only time will tell.

Amethyst booked her first ever sale today, and the young woman was just completely thrilled. It was huge fun for me, too, as the fucking guilty bystander. I wasn’t at all innocent in the thing. I didn’t do anything to coerce or fraudulently obtain a sale or anything like that, not really. I just kinda goaded Amethyst into a little test marketing with a presumptive customer who’d been asking to see some pieces for a little while now.

So it has now been firmly established that the reasonable formula I proposed to Amethyst for the pricing of her products has the magical quality of resulting in prices that seem too high to Amethyst but perfectly and unhesitatingly acceptable to her customers. All one of them. But it was an important question and the one answer we got agreed with me so it’s the right one.

I’ve just got to believe that when a 54 year old hippie pagan chick just walks the fuck out saying to hell with you hostile bastards I’m gonna go make jewelry for uppity chicks, it’s just heroic enough that the universe has to miracle up rewards for it. That’s the romantic thing for the universe to do, anyway. Because it makes no sense but it wants very much to. The universe, that is. Uppity chicks always make sense. From a certain perspective.



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