Funkin’ It Up Good

I ain’t real sure what happens next, but the whole album this one’s from is on the soundtrack:

The Strange-Ri-La we had envisioned for all those years required that my body be unbroken and at full capacity for the first several years of it, and that’s no longer how that equation balances so I’ve been thinkin’ up other ways to do it. I’ve got all kinds of stuff going on in this pointy little head of mine, and I’ve been kind of struggling with how to put it all together in the mostest bestest form-follows-function manner because I’m going to stay old and get older there so I have to approach it that way.

That’s a much harder approach to swallow than it might at first glance seem. But having got that sucker down I’m able to see how I had assumed too much in the original idea, and this new one is very attractive to me for a number of reasons. All the reasons, really, but that’s another story entirely.

A few days ago, maybe a week ago, I hit Amethyst with an idea of where the form-follows-function approach is taking the design of the mothership at present but before the math is done so the surprises might go the wrong way and scrap it, and her immediate response was to ask how we might decorate it. When I told her that decor remains her department, she said that she thought it could be as funky as it should be for us and off we went talking about those kinds of things. It was huge good fun because I’ve always admired her taste and I don’t think she quite gets yet that it’s a true go for it zone so I’m looking forward to when she does.

The thing I had just hit her with was so completely post-industrial neolithic hippie that most sane women would want a few more details before talking about placement of the patio furniture, but she just jumped right into it and pretty much said that whatever I come up with is just fine with her as long as it keeps warm in the winter. This is a woman who knows that I have all kinds of screwy unconventional notions in my head and get more of them all the time, too. And she likes them.

Things could get really interesting. As if they aren’t already.



5 thoughts on “Funkin’ It Up Good

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Yeah, we’re going to catch a favorable breeze before too long. Now that Amethyst’s got her uppity back we don’t need to be in Dinkytown any more, so we’re just kinda doing a few things here while it’s convenient to do them. We can pretty much just bumble into the next place because our only must-haves aside from basic habitability are internet service and parcel delivery. Which just screams that we need to go hunt around for the neat opportunities that don’t get into the classifieds, I think.

        1. happierheathen Post author

          Oh! I’m sorry. It’s been a mentally tiring week so this is my brain on emergency battery power. Nah, what we’re up to is getting Amethyst’s new gig going and then sliding on down the road to a place closer to Strange-Ri-La, which is just kinda sorta over yonder somewhere at this point. Being closer to it means being better able to go wander around to get a feel for various locales and the microclimates that exist there.


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