Though I’d been expecting it, I’m still disappointed that Bernie proved himself to be less principled than he’d led us to believe he was.


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  1. kaylar

    We know he knows about the Hillary. I think he is making a decision for the bigger picture, as they say. We may not agree, and it scares me, a little/lot, that he is so intent on keeping the frumpTrump out of the big house, that he is sullying his principles. Goddess, imagine the conversation he must have had with himself.
    Other thought, from one of my FB people, that met Bernie and his wife, as a campaigner.
    She posted a list of FAQ’s; *So wait, Bernie DIDN’T quit today?
    A. No. He had to say she won the primary, he endorses her and will help the party defeat Trump, yadda yadda but he DID NOT concede. There is a very big and important difference. Had he conceded, all of his delegates would go to Hillary and he would no longer be an option for nominee.
    Q. So Bernie can actually still win??
    A. YES. And if he wasn’t still TRYING to win, he would have conceded. The ONLY option he had to get to the convention with his delegates behind him and have a chance to still win was to do what he did today. He is not a traitor. He didn’t sell us out. He did the only possible thing he could have done to keep fighting for the nomination.
    Somewhere, yesterday, she said another candidate had done this in the past, and then won. So.


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