Some random elwood went crazy all over the comment sections of my blog. I’d noticed it, but I don’t really find random elwood insanity particularly interesting so I wasn’t reading it. I got pinged a while ago, and it got me to thinking that maybe I ought to take a peek. Some random elwood had gone full asshole on one of my friends. Some random elwood has gone away now.

I don’t know what there might be among my collected writings here that might suggest to someone that assholery will be tolerated. That’s pretty much the opposite of what I’m all about. Anyone who can’t figure that out in pretty short order just isn’t looking past the back sides of his eyes.


6 thoughts on “WTF?

    1. happierheathen Post author

      I wasn’t at all concerned by the noise, but I’ll not tolerate full blown assholery. Imagine that, huh?

      We’re not really doing anything about the move yet, since it’s more than a month away and there are things more important in the nearer term. Thanks just the same, though! I’ll just remember that you said it for later when the move is going. 🙂

      I hope all’s just fine as frog’s hair in your world!

  1. solberg73

    Like in the movies, I’m now sayin’ ‘Too quiet here; something’s up!’ Seriously, great to see you shave the mustache from your Mona Lisa of a site. I read the Elw– story, and now better understand the archetype behind the moniker.


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