This Happens From Time To Time

We just watched the movie Divergent, which I’d never even heard of before we bought it. Interesting premise. My life. The being uncivilized part, not the chick in a sci-fi flick part, of course. I’m curious to see where the sequels take it. Hell, I’m curious to see where the next act takes us, Amethyst and me.

Yep, it’s getting to be time to get some new faces painted on the hostility puppets again. Amethyst’s gig was getting her down so she walked out tonight, about which I am very happy because when she gets her life back I’ll get my wife back, and that leaves Dinkytown pretty much pinched out. So we’re blowing on down the road. Kinda sorta down that way somewhere, more or less. Unless something more interesting appears. Ya never know.

And this screwy cat in my lap things I should be petting her instead of typing.


5 thoughts on “This Happens From Time To Time

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Hey! I apologize for not noticing your comment there obscured by an unusual quantity of offensive noise. I think I’ve got it mostly cleaned up now.

      I’m inclined, as of this moment, to agree with you about roots, but also to wish to disagree. If that makes any sense.

      Thanks! I hope all is well in your world and getting better all the time!

  1. happierheathen Post author

    I was okay with just letting you vent your shit all over my blog, but turning asshole on my friends is just too much. Some people who like me don’t like it when I’m called names, which seems a reasonable enough thing for a human being to feel, and instead of explaining that IDGAF that you call me names you went full asshole on her. That’s just not tolerable shit, man.


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