We Crazy

Sumfin else we’re trying to do in Colorado, having already done other silly things like regulating payday lenders and legalizing marijuana, is true universal healthcare. Health care as a constitutional right, even, should our Amendment 69 pass in November. Being an amendment to the state constitution means that changing it would require a vote of the people, so going that route keeps capitalists and their politicians from screwing around with it. In fact, the single payer would be a co-op quasi-governmental agency, a “political subdivision”, and so not under the direction of the governor or legislature. Being a co-op, all state residents will be owners, and will democratically elect the co-op’s board of directors.

All the usual suspects are arrayed in opposition to it, of course. Insurance companies, hospital corporations, and uptighty-righties hate the idea.

Me? I like it just fine. It’d add three-something percent tax paid by the employee, six-something percent paid by the employer, and ten percent paid by self employed people like me, but: No premiums, no deductibles, no primary care co-pays, no prescription drug costs. No capitalist finance corporations deciding whether or not we get the care our doctors determine we need. No more employer involvement in health care. No more fighting with insurance companies to make them pay the benefit they owe, and too often failing. All of that and save money too? How could I be opposed?

And there was this insurance company telephone lady a while back who was a massive pain in my ass at a time when I didn’t really need the bullshit. It would just get me completely off to fire her whole fucking company.

Being a complete replacement for the existing health care finance system rather than an incremental tweak of the Affordable Care Act, it’d take us until January of 2019 to actually start using it, but the wait could be worth it. We’ll still be the first state in the union with health care as a constitutional right.

Like the right to smoke marijuana.

Speaking of which, yes, I do. I wonder how it would go with universal health care?


2 thoughts on “We Crazy

    1. happierheathen Post author

      You see now why we can never have nice things. 😉

      I was hoping someone would say that about millions of people moving here because I’ve got a followup post in mind. It might take me a day or two to get around to writing it, but it’s already mostly thunk up.


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