5 thoughts on “My hope for the Democratic primary

  1. solberg73

    I get the surface implication of this piece, yet, as the ‘Daily News’ interview, combined with enough other hints to turn a hopeful hard-on into a flaccid appendage , and with all my dreams of a systemic financial perestroika, I’ll patiently wait for a better white, black, or brown Knight, armed with, not clever CGI, but with the proven source code to ‘exit’ our admittedly recursively doomed auger-in distribution-of-wealth subroutine.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Knowing who owns the NYDN I’m never surprised when they publish a partisan hit piece polluted with misstated facts — like, for example, the erroneous conflation of the Federal Reserve and Department of The Treasury. 😉


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