Proof of Life or something like it

Just making noise to confirm that I still can…

My work schedule is blown out and still resisting my weeks/months of fighting to get it under control, but I feel like I’m gaining some ground this week, finally. You care, right? 😀

I’ve been looking at the news again. It’s fun watching the establishment squirm and try to pretend that all of this isn’t happening. It’s as if they’re singing that line from Elvis Costello’s Pay It Back: When the lights went out I didn’t know what to do but if I could fool myself maybe baby I’ll fool you.

I wish I hadn’t just thought of that song line, even though it is a very good one and fitting, too. That song has been following me around since it was new, just changing meanings on me in different ways at different times.

A fitting end to a pointless blog post, eh?


3 thoughts on “Proof of Life or something like it

  1. whyzat

    You’re reference to the establishment reminds me of a TV show I’ve been streaming. George Gently. It’s one of those good English police shows, and it’s set in the mid ’60’s. Lots of turbulence then, too. Hmmm, was there ever NO turbulence?


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