Hillary’s not sure that Bernie is a Democrat. Eight years ago she said that Obama wasn’t a Muslim “as far as I know”. How’s that for “tone”, eh?

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  1. cocosangel

    Hillary has been twisting around when ever it suited her. Frankly I wouldn’t want her to be the President, as much as Donald Trump. B/cos she is not honest.

  2. solberg73

    I am spending a good half of my news-reading time nightly weighing candidates. (Ha, reminds me of a classic ‘negative ad’ from the 1800s, where someone described his rival as “A good man, weighing about 150 pounds.”)
    At any rate, I have a problem loving HRC sufficiently for enthusiasm. Brother Bernard, in spite of perhaps expecting my ideological fellow -traveler support and mosaic kinship, sounds, sorry to say, increasingly un-prepared, (‘I don’t have the numbers here in front of me’). Ha, were I running for prez I’d have the numbers on a heads-up display… after paying you a tidy sum to program it.
    I did very much enjoy your report from the Colo caucus scene, and also was impressed by your rigorous grasp of socio-politic history.
    Last night someone at ‘The Atlantic’? referred to the Drumpf fan-boys as ‘low-info voters’. Guess I’m glad not to be in the Untied Snakes at present, forced to watch, tooth-picks holding the eyes open, as men in trucks whom I’d previously at least tolerated reveal their inner rotten cores.
    Having been, as you may know, on both the ascent and descent of a previous hoped-for Revolution roller-coaster, I am still gung, if not gung-ho, on a massive societal change, redistribution of wealth and capital, robust new mechanisms to reward human self-actualization.
    2016 may not be the year for this, sadly. It’ll be the year we spent watching a train wreck, in fascination… and horror.
    Thanks for the ‘audience’, guy. 73

    1. happierheathen Post author

      I’m a man with a truck… 😀

      What I see that’s different this time around is that many disparate groups are uniting in common cause in a way that they didn’t back in the 60’s/70’s. Right now, Democracy Spring/Democracy Awakening is happening out in DC and the protesters and civil disobedients represent pretty much every social movement in existence today — teabaggers, even. Imagine teabaggers marching and protesting alongside Dolores Huerta and Cornel West. They’re actually doing that right now.

      I’m guessing you’ve read The True Believer — it’s directly applicable to our current situation here in the Untidy States. The shrinking middle class is now less than half of the population, and many who currently remain members of it fear a future in which the status quo persists. They’re uniting across all social boundaries with the lower economic classes and other oppressed classes, and, increasingly, supporting one another outside of their common causes, too. The corporate media’s power to set the limits of permissible thought has been in decline since the internet became public, but it’s been diminishing increasingly rapidly of late and it really does look like they’ve completely lost control of the national conversation.

      Be of good cheer, my friend.


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