Him: Atheists can have no morality because morality comes from faith in god.

Me: You’re afraid that I’m about to murder you?

Him: No, why would I be?

Me: Exactly.


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    1. happierheathen Post author

      I have a theory, wonder what you might think of it. It goes like this: Those who follow an Abrahamic religion are far more likely to get tangled up because their holy texts promote amorality by making morality relative: This is wrong if you do it to people like us, right if you do it to people like them. Don’t go coveting your neighbor’s wife, but after making war against the neighboring village and killing all of the men, take the women into slavery and boink the ones who please you. That kind of thing, I think, should be expected to muddy things up for folks.

      Ya think? Or am I just too high to attempt deep thoughts just now?

      1. promisesunshine

        The OT messes up a lot of crap. Sounds like you’re saying people are using them as a “how to” instead of a “don’t do”. or whatever the heck that was intended for.
        i’ve always been pretty sure the 10 commandments covered the village scene too, but there was a lot of fighting in there. who knows.
        your thoughts appear to be just fine. then again, i haven’t had coffee yet.


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