A Somewhat Different Perspective

I watched the last Democratic Party debate with some interest, as you might imagine a freak like me would. What struck me most about the whole thing was just how united O’Malley and Clinton were against Bernie in delivering the message that only incremental change is possible and pissing the wrong people off is quite costly. The message to the voter, delivered very clearly, was to be very afraid because the masters will take everything back if the masses get uppity.

Though it was the same attack when it came to Wall Street, I’ll just look at the health care side of it because it’s more easily grasped by my old and stoned mind.

Two human beings claiming at every opportunity to be compassionate people got up on a stage in front of the whole world and said that political obstacles are so great and important that we, the public they ostensibly represent, must continue suffering and dying rather than standing up to say that universal access to health care is a moral issue and our continued inability to address it as such is unconscionable. We aren’t supposed to think about the matter in those terms, which is why the establishment politicians threatened that if we acted out of compassion for the 29 million of our neighbors who have no health insurance and the millions more who can’t afford to use their Affordable Care Act coverage they would take our own health insurance away.

The implication was that it wouldn’t be they themselves who would take our health insurance away, it would be the common enemy who hates us for our freedoms and wants to destroy our way of life. We fall for that shit every time. So far.

It was curious to me that when the topic was health care or free tuition the attack was “how ya gonna pay for that?”, but when the topic was bombing little brown people in faraway lands no one asked that question. Money for slaughter we got, money for our own poor and sick and disadvantaged we ain’t got. I just don’t see how anyone with a modicum of common human compassion could defend such a thing, but I just watched two ostensibly liberal establishment politicians tell us all that we should vote for that as the best possible outcome.

Ya know, I’m fixin’ to get either real proud of or real disgusted by America.


7 thoughts on “A Somewhat Different Perspective

  1. whyzat

    Remember all those people who claimed they would move to Canada if Obama became president? I wonder if they carried through on that? It’s off the subject, but it just came to me as I read your post.

      1. happierheathen Post author

        You guys are now required by law to pay private insurance companies for health insurance? When did that happen? And WHY?

        How are Americans supposed to feel inferior if Canadians are every bit as fucked as we are?

  2. cocosangel

    Well said. I missed the Democratic debate, since I don’t have the CNN on my TV. I miss even the Republican debates too.
    But I agree with what you have said.
    I can’t believe, that America who call themselves the SUPER POWER, prefers to bomb innocent brown people, than give health care for those who cannot afford healthcare. It is just unimaginable. We in Canada, thankfully have healthcare, and no Canadian would think, themselves to be selfish having to pay for the next person who would really need it.
    But most of all, is the sad story is, that most of the Republicans believe, that war is a must….. and healthcare is not necessary. 😮 O_o
    From where does this attitude come from.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Heh. Very good question about where this attitude comes from. It’s a very long story and one I’ve been watching very carefully for about 50 years now, so like every other arrogant American I think I’ve got it pretty well figured out. But it’s a very long story, and though all the pieces fit together and it all makes perfect sense, it makes no damned sense at all. Or maybe it’s the other way around.


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