Random News-like Shit

Heh. Shillary’s sock puppet SuperPAC attacks Bernie, and Bernie rakes in $1.2 million over the next 48 hours because of it. I, personally, expected that to happen — that Whorily didn’t speaks volumes. We cannot afford to elect as our president someone who has been First Lady, Senator, and Secretary Of State but who still doesn’t understand the concept of blowback. We’ve had five such presidents in a row now and because of them we (literally) might not survive a sixth.

The Wall Street Journal, never known for objective analysis of any fucking thing at all, reported recently that Bernie’s platform planks will cost eighteen trillion dollars that we ain’t got over the next ten years. The problem with that is that it’s not money we ain’t got — it’s actually less than we’ll spend by maintaining the status quo, but it will deliver far more benefit than the status quo ever could. Most of that eighteen big-B Billion clams would be spent on health care… uh, hello? Wall Street Journal? You listening? Maybe you assholes are getting free medical care, but the rest of us are paying for it. Single payer will cost us less AND it will cover those tens of millions the ACA missed, too. Go look at the web site of Physicians For A National Health Program if you want to see the in-depth analysis. We’ll save about $350 Billion per year by cutting Wall Street out of the deal. Even if the PNHP’s estimates are exceedingly generous and we save only one hundred billion dollars per year, that’s a trillion dollars saved over ten years.

So take that, Whore Street (where you go to pay someone to fuck you) Journal.

Whoever was behind that article, it was someone who (a) perceives that he or she has a vested interest in immediate danger from Brother Bernie, and (b) is really very stupid, to launch such a hollow attack that ultimately helps Bernie without hurting him at all. There’s a reason why such things are usually kept for October Surprises — by doing so you deny your opponent time to react defensively. Hauling it out now only helps Bernie because the facts are on his side and he’s got a relatively very long time to call attention to them.

By golly, it turns out that the revolution will be televised. Unfortunately, it will also include, for a bit longer, entirely too much coverage of Forrest Trump. Eh, putting up with that pathologically narcissistic piece of shit is a small enough price to pay, and it gives us all an excuse to call him Forrest Trump and make jokes about him being so narcissistic that he won’t buy himself dinner before taking advantage of himself.

Ya just gotta love peaceful revolutions. All the excitement, none of the mayhem. Let’s just hope that the CIA understands blowback better than Whorily does. And in the meantime, a little musical interlude:


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