Colorado Marijuana Tax Holiday

Today is Marijuana Tax Holiday in Colorado, so naturally I went and scored an ounce. Saved $42.50 by paying no marijuana tax. Schweet!

Now that’s what I call democracy. Our governor and most of our legislature was opposed to marijuana legalization, but we the people of Colorado elected to stand up to the federal government and stare them down, and the whole world watched the feds flinch. The way taxes work in Colorado, all new taxes must be voted upon and the state must project tax receipts so we can know what we’re voting on. After the first year closes, the state must compare actual receipts to the projection, and if there are excess receipts that money must be refunded — or we can vote to have it spent in some specific way. The pot tax pays for school construction, marijuana law enforcement, and drug rehab programs, and it seems likely that we’ll vote to devote our excess tax receipts to school construction because we’re just that way.

It seems almost unreal, getting a marijuana tax refund.

Though it seems like old news and nothing much to it, it really is very remarkable, truly revolutionary, and quite historic what Colorado and Washington did in 2012. We looked the federal government right in the eye, openly defied them by legalizing marijuana, and dared them to do something about it. More votes were cast for legal pot than for Bronco Bomber in Colorado, so our voice was pretty damned clear on the matter. Soon enough, other states and even other countries followed our lead and liberalized their own marijuana laws, so by now it would be political suicide for any elected federal official to come at any of us. More states are sure to liberalize their marijuana laws in the 2016 general election, so it’ll be just that much harder for the federal government to defy the will of the people.

Tangentially related: Creating a Crime: How the CIA Commandeered the DEA. It’s a long article, but a pretty good one. If you’re not already unusually aware of the workings of the shadow government, you might think the story quite fantastic.

Oops, it’s time for me to retrieve my Amethyst from her workplace so I’m outta here. Be well, friends and neighbors!


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