Still Smokin’

The whole body cooling effect of an ice cold gin and tonic is one of life’s many wonders. Especially when you’ve just pumped about a half gallon of salty water through your pores while following an internal combustion engine back and forth, back and forth, until you’ve trod every square foot of the grassy areas outside of your home. Why the hell I do this is anyone’s guess. We don’t have livestock so we don’t need grass, but there it is just the same. Lunacy.

Other than extolling the virtues of cold toxins and the pointlessness of lawns, I’ve not much to say these days. Never thought that might happen, didja? It finally happened: I’ve lost interest, for the most part, in the world outside of my home range. It’s not a burnout or emotional depression, just a rational response to a (human) world gone completely fucking stupid. Right now, at this very moment, a large minority of Americans are seriously considering giving Donald Trump control of the nuclear arsenal of the United States, conclusively proving that I had previously had entirely too much faith in my fellow man.

And now that I’ve foolishly allowed myself to think that thought again, I’m going to smoke some of that famous high grade Colorado legal and spend the rest of the evening binge watching Weeds.

Be well, friends and neighbors.


6 thoughts on “Still Smokin’

  1. promisesunshine

    we have some time until the election. that’s what holds me together.
    i don’t even know how people can remain republicans at this point. “what are you, stupid?” seems a valid, reasonable question.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      I hear ya! Though it’s a reasonable question, don’t expect a reasonable response to it. 😀 The GOP’s base is the most self-unaware grouping of people on the planet.


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