Bernie In Denver

We’re a bit too far away from Denver to make the trip without an extraordinarily compelling reason, so I was glad to finally find a high resolution video of Bernie’s stop:

The only one’s who’ll be surprised when Bernie wins are those so out of touch with the electorate that they don’t deserve to represent it or to put their mugs on the television to speak to it. 🙂

Rock on, Bernie!


7 thoughts on “Bernie In Denver

  1. sunsetdragon

    I hate to tell ya but Bernie does not stand a chance against me and I shall win if I can teach all of the kitty sin the USA to vote before the election.

      1. sunsetdragon

        Hey I just did a post and even have my vp’s picked out.
        On a serious note I like what Bernie has to say and who he does not double talk the issues that are important to us all
        He is straight forward and no double talk.

  2. cocosangel

    As an incumbent runner for the Vice President position for @sunsetdragon, I cannot agree with her more.
    Actually, I have gained a lot of respect for Bernie Sanders since the elections started. And I think he has been the only person, who has been talking straight and to the point, and not about the wars etc.
    I don’t know who is leading according the polls, if Hillary or Sanders?

    1. happierheathen Post author

      In the polling, Hillary’s ahead but Bernie’s popularity has been increasing pretty dramatically and narrowing the gap. The major media’s tactic of ignoring him isn’t working so well — between the internet and alternative media there’s enough interest that they have to start talking about and to him in order to avoid exposing their manipulations. 😀 The more people hear from Bernie the more they like him. Very cool.

  3. SouthernHon

    I think that he does stand a chance. The Democrats have to make up their minds to get behind their candidate of choice before division destroys us. If the Republicans sense that split within our party, they will use that against us and will win.


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