Random Politricks ‘n’ lots o’ cussin’ too

Is it just me, or are those in power just completely fucked in their heads? A bunch of folks with very righteous and very, very longstanding beefs with the Baltimore pigs are protesting and rioting, and the gubment’s response is to send in the National Guard. Yeah, that’ll go over really, really well with people who have spent their entire lives being afraid, with good reason, of armed authority figures.

In other news, Bernie Sanders is said to be about to announce his bid for the Democratic nomination for President. Fuckin’… Ay. My dream ticket would be Sanders and John Conyers, and I wouldn’t care which was going for the Oval Office and which the running mate. I don’t know that such a thing will be possible before both men are way too old to do the job, but that old pendulum is certainly swinging back toward the left so I don’t feel completely foolish about hoping for a miracle to come right when we need it most. Those two dudes could, if the country were behind them, surpass FDR’s greatest accomplishments AND do it without pushing the country into another war. The so-called “business community” (meaning the fat cats who’ve been running the show since Reagan gave the country away) would be insanely pissed about it, but I think it’s patently obvious by now that the more pissed off those assholes are, the better off the rest of us are.

I’m taking the current state of things as all the vindication I could ever require for my strong stance against Reagan’s trickle down economics three and a half decades ago. Ain’t been nuthin’ trickling down on us that we want to be soaked in.

On the up side, the GOP has got so completely whacked out that they can’t even field a candidate who’s not absolutely bat shit crazy. It’s perfectly understandable, really. It’s just what stupid people do. That’s why Einstein defined insanity as he did. I’m looking forward to 2024 when their primaries are a race between Sarah Palin, a sprouted potato, a chimpanzee with a meth problem, and South Park’s Eric Cartman. My money’s on the chimp to get the nod — they’ve already won with a drug addled lower primate, after all. Got him reelected in 2004, too.

No, I don’t think Mr. Sanders stands a chance of getting past Hillary. I’d like to be proven wrong, but I suspect that we’re still just stupid enough to elect a cunt because it’s got a vagina.


12 thoughts on “Random Politricks ‘n’ lots o’ cussin’ too

  1. sunsetdragon

    I am really irritated at the looters. How dare they steal, burn and destroy the lives of others through their looting and moron behavior.
    I will never complain about living out in the middle no where again.
    Here the biggest riot is when I get loose in walmart with my walker and the other old ladies get loose with theirs and we hit the diet coke aisle.
    Bodies fly every where so we can get our supply.
    Have a good week.

  2. whyzat

    What? That last sentence was pretty angry comment. Do you think a female president would do a worse job than a male? I don’t understand why that would be the case.
    What are the authorities in Baltimore supposed to do? Let the city burn and peoples’ property continue to be destroyed? I just wish that there was a good way to weed out bad cops, and that criminals wouldn’t take advantage of legitimate protests.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      I don’t think gender should even be considered. Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher were both women leaders and both were vicious. I’d be wishing for Elizabeth Warren to run if I didn’t detest her stance on Israel, but I cannot support anyone who uses the code phrase “Israel has the right to defend itself”. Aggressors cannot righteously claim self defense when their victims are compelled to resort to forceful defense. In almost all other ways I’m in agreement with Ms. Warren and have been for years, but I can’t get happy to trade Palestinian lives for reductions in American income inequality.

      If I were president for a month, I’d step in and do the right things for Baltimore rather than more of the wrong things. The first thing would be to get together a group of people representing the affected communities — the poor of Baltimore, city, county, and state law enforcement, and so on. I’d put all pigs who’ve ever been accused of rights violations through rehabilitative training to teach them how to deal with people in a respectful manner and to never employ force except when absolutely necessary, and then get the rest of them through it. I’d implement a zero tolerance policy for unwarranted force and inappropriate intimidation. The end goal would be to reign in the pigs and keep them reigned in with a permanent commission whose purpose is to create and maintain a safe environment in which both pigs and citizens are assured of not just equal justice, but of fairness and respect for human dignity.

      That, and things like it, are the best ideas I’ve come up with for weeding out bad cops and avoiding violent protest. The protesters would, I’m sure, gladly work with the system if the system were working for them. I’ve not seen it happen in my lifetime, in this country, that protests and violence were an oppressed community’s first choice — it’s always the last resort when “working within the system” has failed repeatedly.

  3. promisesunshine

    i’m disgusted by what makes the news (and how it is one-sided) and by how we seem to be ok with only seeing the one side. of course, it seems like many people can only carry the one thought at a time anyhow. i am right because i believe i’m right and you’re wrong because you can’t be right if you don’t agree with me. i could go on a bit, but i’ll stop because i’m late for work.
    general rule: those in power need to be out of it.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      The media doesn’t (the corporations who own the media don’t) want to expose the reality of American inner cities or dirt poor rural areas because a great majority of citizens would be outraged and demand action. It seems like a secret hiding in plain sight that those in power are keenly aware of the fact that democracy could easily become (return to being) a threat to predatory capitalism and are doing everything in their vast power to prevent it from becoming so.

      Feel free to drop back by and go on some more! 🙂

  4. cagey

    Our police stood by and let a group of gangs (not protestors) tear our neighbourhoods apart. They almost burnt to death a mother and her disabled son by setting her house on fire, they looted and destroyed immigrant businesses, beat and raped people for being a certain ethnicity, burned a senior center to the ground, stole millions of dollars worth of products, and put poor people out of jobs. The guard should have been called in sooner because it makes people wake up and realize how far down the shitter we are. That prospect may bother you, and I’m sorry for that but at least someone has the balls to protect residents who are forced to be unarmed. It took all of that destruction for the MEN of the city to get up off their backsides and be the ones to keep the real peace last night. They were there so that the guard didn’t have to act. Is the BPD corrupt? Yes. Did they kill this man? Yes. But so are many parties within the city. Ask yourself who murders the hundreds of persons in the city every year? The people protesting have their hearts in the right place, but they’d do well not to make excuses for criminals. The people causing violence are following a herd mentality and are being controlled by forces other than merely being ‘angry’. Don’t want the guard there? Then don’t act like dicks to the people you supposedly care about. Gangs don’t give a shit for anything or anyone else other than their own greedy self-interests. Maybe they should run for office.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      The other side of that coin: Don’t want violent protest? Don’t oppress an entire community and especially don’t murder its members.

      I’m not defending those who’ve resorted to violence, but I understand it. Working within the system has been failing the poor community and its advocates for centuries now, and were I among them my perspective would be that there’s a civil war in progress that my side hasn’t been fighting but has been losing. We’re talking about entire communities that have been experiencing violence at the hands of law enforcement coupled with systemic disenfranchisement for centuries — working within the system has never worked for them, so it’s only natural that they’re resorting other means.

      If we want to stop this shit and prevent it from happening in the future, we must meaningfully engage poor communities and, as the ones who hold the power, address their problems in good faith.

  5. cocosangel

    The election will be very interesting. I feel the hype for Hillary is over done by the media. Sometimes, the media play out what they want, and would sell their newspapers or magazines.
    In my opinion, I wonder if Hillary would do a much of a job but go to war, the instance she gets a chance. And I don’t think, she will bother what the outcome would be.
    And Baltimore, what a disaster. I don’t think there will be any trust of the police from the world. For every instance they had attacked a black man, has been cruel. And seems too much force.
    And that Mom who has become the Mom of the year, is going too far. She is not allowing her son to believe in what he sees.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Hillary, unfortunately, is a full member of what some call “the power elite”. She’s been representing their interests for decades now, to the point of having been a Director of Wal-Mart (1986-1992) while Bill was governor of the state in which Wal-Mart is headquartered. She seeks now to distance herself from Wal-Mart, but she also seeks now to be perceived in a way that will make her the most powerful individual on the planet so her motive is suspect. She wasn’t exactly peachy as Secretary of State, either. She’s a warmonger who has historically always acted on behalf of the rich and powerful, so anything contrary to that she might say now is hard to accept at face value.

      Indeed, Baltimore is a disaster. It’s a disaster that we (Americans collectively) have chosen to accept over and over again, from Watts in 1965 and Detroit in ’67 right up through Baltimore today and some other city or cities very soon. It’s easier to ignore poor urban populations until they act up and then blame them for doing it than to expend reasonable effort to share with them the opportunities that we take for granted.

      1. cocosangel

        I didn’t know that Hillary was a Director at Wal-Mart. You have given a accurate picture about Hillary, which I too share. You are so right, that she is trying to cater to the elite and rich folks.

  6. SouthernHon

    I posted about the looters and rioters. I’m from Baltimore, and it hurts my heart to see what is going on there. It also bothers me a lot that this prisoner was treated so terribly. The National Guard has not done a damn thing there! The good citizens who live there, along with help from organizations and the sports teams, have done more than the National Guard has. I’m glad that Bernie Sanders is running, but I’m for Hillary. It’s just good that we have so many good people in the running.


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