It Ain’t News

I probably shouldn’t look at the stuff they call news. I probably shouldn’t repeat that sentiment periodically, either.

Some hard core imperialists, also known as Republican Congressmen, are apparently frothing at the mouth to attack Iran and just can’t wait to get one of their own in the big chair so they can get their next war on. Gotta wonder about that. Some of them even say stupid things along the lines of “We need crippling, killing sanctions against Iran. Look at North Korea, who developed a nuclear arsenal in spite of crippling sanctions!”. Duh. Does it really take a genius to figure out that North Korea developed a nuclear arsenal because of the sanctions? It certainly does take a moron to fall into the obvious mental trap of believing that one’s chosen ideology has failed because one did not execute it wholeheartedly enough.

Hillary Clinton has trouble now because she used a personal mail server, exclusively, for the conduct of official business while she was Secretary of State. As far as I’m concerned, fuck her. She’s been in law, politics, and power long enough to know that she was in that very dark grey area where future political ambitions were put at risk by her actions. Assuming that she’s at least that smart, it follows that she must have had some compelling reason to hide her email messages — and that she doesn’t want that reason known. Thus, fuck her. Just not with my dick.

I saw something interesting on, More Keystone Spin: “Based only on EIA statistics, we can say that no more than 50.4 percent of the oil would be destined for export as refined product under today’s conditions, though the figure would likely grow over time assuming that the current boom in fuel exports continues”. They say they’ve based their conclusion on 2014 data which shows that 50.4% of the products of refining were exported. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that in 2014, without the Keystone XL pipeline, there was no shortage of petroleum products in the United States and all domestic demand was supplied. So, with no increased domestic demand to absorb the increased supply, that additional supply necessarily must be exported.

I can draw a useful analogy: Suppose Amethyst and I were in the egg business, and with 8,000 laying hens we were supplying all of the Dinkytown market with half of our production, and selling the rest in surrounding communities. Now, though, we’ve just added another 4,000 hens to increase our production. How many of those additional eggs might we sell in Dinkytown? None. The local market is already fully satisfied by our existing production. If we’re to sell any of those additional eggs, we must sell them outside of Dinkytown. Every last one of ’em.

Shame on FactCheck for getting something so easy so terribly wrong. Shame on me for stupidly looking at the news again. I know better than to do that.

I quasi-legally procured some quasi-legal marijuana yesterday to replenish my supply which ran out night before last. It’s a wonderful strain, very happy and uplifting. Amethyst hadn’t sniffed at it while we were at the store, and though she doesn’t partake she like the smell of the flowers so I handed her the bottle. She said something indicating that she liked it, and held the bottle out to Starr Pupper to sniff. Starr, before we got her, was known as Stony to the folks we got her from because she was mellow, at least by Chihuahua standards… The Starr formerly known as Stony took a whiff and began licking her chops. Hmmm…

NO, I am not one of those who thinks it funny to blow pot smoke into a pet’s face. I’ve never done it, and never will. I just thought that her licking her chops was funny, especially so given the name she was called before we got her.

I guess that’s nature’s way of telling me that I should smoke a bowl and watch Encino Man.


8 thoughts on “It Ain’t News

  1. promisesunshine

    not related all that much- i read an article yesterday that said china doesn’t want to depend on exportation so much, so they’re paying their rural people to move into crowded cities to become consumers. politicians hurt my head a little.
    does this mail thing mean that hillary is out of the running?

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Hmmm… Hadn’t heard those specific things about China. Last I heard they were thrilled with the export market and being the worlds largest (most voluminous) trader, and were “recalibrating” their economy to keep it going strong.

      I think the word politician is shorthand for “people who will lie without shame in order to obtain personal power by serving the rich”.

      It’s a bit too early to tell about Hillary, I think. I despise the woman, but she’s quite crafty and might come out of this brouhaha just fine.

        1. happierheathen Post author

          I don’t think it’s in their nature. Guess we’ll all just have to do our best to make up for it by being nice to each other. Not that I’m any good at it myself.

  2. sunsetdragon

    We have walked away from cable tv and watch hulu for movies and what not. Was so sick and tired for paying way to much for garbage. Do no this it at all.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      🙂 I’ve never been big on television, not even as a child, so the only times there’s even been one in the house (in my adult life) was when I was married to some woman who refused to live without the thing. That’s not going to happen again!


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