I Impressed A Bureaucrat

I managed to impress a government bureaucrat yesterday with the high quality of my paperwork. She said that the documents I drafted were the best of their kind she’d ever seen. Never thought that’d happen. Wasn’t even aiming for it. Didn’t know it was possible.

The net result of my super duper documentation is that one of my clients gets to bring in a subsidized employee — and I get to be his mentor. He’s got zero relevant education, experience, or prior knowledge, so it’ll all come down to whether or not he’s got the native talent for the field. If he does, nothing can stop him from succeeding. If he doesn’t, nothing can enable him to succeed. Either way I get paid, and hopefully get to have some fun along the way.

Though it’s not an officially acknowledged thing, and doesn’t need to be, I’ve been mentoring the CEO of the client company for just shy of two years now so the new guy will be in good company. I’m really thrilled with the progress the CEO has made — it wasn’t that long ago that she decided to just turn off the lights and go home, but I talked her into going back to the office on Monday and giving it another shot. She spent much of last year solving the problems that had driven her to that point, and this year is working her plan to expand existing markets and move into new ones. She’s really great in the protégé role and makes it very easy for me. She listens well, asks questions, and then runs with what I give her. I hope the new guy has the native talent to succeed, not only for his own sake, but because I don’t want her to be forced to manage (him) when she should be executing (her plans). Time will tell.

Another client who’s teetering on the edge of shutting down a huge chunk of his business ain’t quite that smart. I don’t see him ever getting his shit in order, but I also don’t see him ever pulling the trigger on shutting down, either. He’ll talk about it, but then those credit card payments will roll in on the first of the month and he’ll get to thinking…

Just because I finally got around to looking for and bookmarking it: The Chicago Sunday Tribune of August 19, 1945. It includes the article “Bare Peace Bid U.S. Rebuffed 7 Months Ago”. The article speaks of the 40 page document that MacArthur relayed to the White House two days before FDR left for Yalta (in early February, 1945), in which the Japanese offered full surrender of all Japanese forces around the world, full surrender of all arms and munitions, occupation of the Japanese mainland by allied forces under the command of the United States, relinquishment of all territory seized during the war, regulation of Japanese industry to halt and prevent production of implements of war, turning over any/all Japanese citizens the US might wish to prosecute for war crimes, and release of all POW’s and “internees” held by the Japanese. In other words, exactly the same terms of surrender that were perfectly acceptable after we nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki. MacArthur had urged FDR to negotiate, but FDR flatly rejected the offer and, after a cursory reading, remarked that “MacArthur is our greatest general and our poorest politician”. According to the article, “Officials said Mr. Roosevelt felt that… peace could not come until the Japs suffered more”.

I threw that in because sometimes it’s fun to do things like that to Americans, the clueless fucks. Not that people anywhere else are any better informed about the shit their leaders do in secret, but we’re claiming to be democratic — not that we are, or ever have been, or were ever intended to be. Our Constitution established, as it was designed to, a plutocracy, and it functioned as such until that same FDR’s New Deal. Now that the New Deal has been dismantled and we of modern times can see all around us what’s wrong with our Constitution, it’s time to change the thing so it works for those of us who didn’t have sense enough to be born rich.

Enough babbling. Be well, friends and neighbors!


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