It’s Just A Jump To The Left

I’ve been waiting more than 30 years for the signs I’m seeing recently, and I’m damn glad to finally see them now. There are quite a number of them, but the biggies are:

  1. Obama instructing the three-letters to let be those states who’ve legalized marijuana (as long as they aren’t being fuckups about it)
  2. Outgoing AG Holder ending the Department of Justice’s participation in highway robbery
  3. Treasury indicating that they’ll follow Justice’s lead
  4. Mittwit (lying by) saying that if he should seek the GOP nomination for president he’ll present a plan to “eradicate poverty”
  5. The SOTU address sounding so very progressive, like the first speech of an Elizabeth Warren presidential campaign. It surely caused bowel cramps for The Hillary.

Scaling back the War On Drugs is not a thing that can be done without the consent of the elites because they’ve been profiting greatly from it, with many of them playing both sides — as their government has been playing both sides. The general populace has been completely unaware of it because it’s not been tattooed on Kim Kardashian’s ass, but it’s not been kept secret. Ours is a relatively open society, despite becoming essentially a police state, so there’s a lot of information available to any who expend a little bit of effort to find it. Myself, I didn’t have to expend any effort at all because I was too close to it for comfort. Anyway…

Items one through three in the above list are unmistakable proof that the elites are making some very expensive concessions. No one ever makes concessions except to protect interests deemed more valuable, so those things are downright huge. More on this in a moment.

Items four and five are perhaps even more informative. What they’re telling us is that the elites are now convinced that the pendulum has reached the end of its righward travel and is now swinging leftward. Mittwit has no fractions of a fuck to give about the non-rich, but he’s mouthing those words in a bid for power. Hmmm…

That guy very clearly despises the working class, but now he says he’s going to be their champion? The lame duck president who’s never been at all liberal is making noises about the things that really matter to working people, and to those who’d like to become working people? What the fuck?

The polls, taken by very different agencies, are showing that the path to the Oval Office now passes through a much more liberal electorate. That’s why those who seek power or to retain power are talking new lines. But there’s something more, something that’s terrifying the elites. They’re making very costly concessions, and they’re clearly not telling candidates for public office that they must stand firm in support of the neoliberal/neoconservative/evangelical troika that has been in power since January 20, 1981. Why would they do that?

For the first time in American history, middle class whites feel that they have more in common with the traditionally oppressed classes than with the oppressor class. That, friends and neighbors, is huge. Enormous. Un-fucking-precedented. Yes indeed, there were some white folks marching with the civil rights movement in the early 1960’s, but it must be noted that while they had strong feelings of moral outrage at the injustice being done to black folks, and great courage, too, they did not believe that they had all that much in common with them. Though they risked it by being uppity, none of them had experienced oppression directly. They were the ones who could make bail when they got arrested in Selma or Montgomery. The folks on behalf of whom they marched didn’t have any such assurance.

Practically no white people protested the Rodney King verdict. Quite a number of white folks protested the Trayvon Martin verdict. An even larger number have protested police brutality in Ferguson, New York, Fullerton… The divide and conquer tactic is no longer working. The people, the white people that is, have finally realized that they, too, can become and have become an out group. It’s about fucking time.

I could go on at great length about any one of these things, but I won’t. If any of my regular readers, an y of the four of you, want to drop on by the heathen house to discuss these kinds of things, I’ll gladly provide good food, cheap wine, and reefer, so we can sit up all night carrying on about it. But the important thing here is that America is swinging back toward the left, those in power know it, and most of them fear it.

An even more important thing, the most important thing: The elites believe that they’re making a strategic retreat, and that granting these concessions will pacify the people so the elites can protect their more valuable interests. If we’re smart, we won’t let them protect those interests and will instead press our demands and reform our society to make predatory capitalism impossible. We’ll make the rich pay their fair share, since they’re the ones benefiting the most from the sacrifices made by the rest of us while they’ve sacrificed nothing at all. We’ll do away with corporate personhood, the corporate veil (behind which directors and executives are immune from prosecution for their wrongdoings), money as protected speech (the Citizens United decision), socialism for the rich and capitalism for the rest of us, government sponsored propaganda, and the other ills that have been visited upon us. We’ll work on implementation of their opposites. Too Big To Fail must be replaced by too big to be permitted, monopolies must be broken, workers’ rights must be protected… We know what works because we know what created the world’s first ever working middle class and made it strong.

Just in case it needs to be said: The working middle class was the creation of federal government policies and programs that were first instituted in the aftermath of the Great Depression. The more recent Great Recession highlights and reiterates the importance of having a working middle class and the policies and programs that created it and the dangers of abandoning those policies and programs. “Welfare mothers” are far more benign than welfare corporations — even if the welfare mother is exemplifying the stereotype, she isn’t in a position to crash the economy. She cannot cost you your job, your house, or your retirement. That’s what the neoliberal/neoconservative/evangelical troika would have you believe, but they cannot point to any cases of it actually happening. Reality, the one we’ve lived since 1981, though, shows us just what happens when we deregulate those who can in fact cost us all all of those things. And now, dammit, we know it. It cannot be denied that the wealth of the elites came out of our pockets.

That’s what scares them so badly. They’ve fucked us, we know it, and we outnumber them. They built militarized police forces to keep us at bay, but we are willing to stand up to those attack dogs and say that no, god damn it, we are not going to take this any more.

I may very well be seeing something where there’s really a great big nothing, but it won’t surprise me at all if in ten years time it’s hard to find people willing to admit that they were fully supportive of the neoliberal/neoconservative/evangelical troika. I wouldn’t mind that at all.

It’s kinda fun seeing what happens when Generation Jones supplants the Boomers in positions of real power. I’ve been waiting most of my life for this. I hope we make us proud.


3 thoughts on “It’s Just A Jump To The Left

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Though there must be some, I’ve never known a Canadian who didn’t watch the US. Amethyst and I are kinda sorta the same way: The neighbors we pay the most attention to are the trashy ones. 😀


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