Saying “Nothing To Say”.

I find myself having less and less to say lately. Those who know me in person would be quite surprised at that. 🙂

It’s something I haven’t heard in years, but way back in the dark ages we used to joke, “If my dog looked like you I’d shave his ass and make him walk backward”. I was reminded of that tonight by Miss Starr, who has a habit of wanting to get back to playing the very instant that she’s done in the litter box… Which has me thinking that it might be wise to get her trimmed around her little hiney. The litter box is supposed to be like Las Vegas, in that what happens there is supposed to stay there.

My botanically enhanced funny bone thinks it quite hilarious that we send our Starr to Las Vegas to take a shit.

My favorite comeback to that “shave his ass and make him walk backward” line was: That’d be cool because then, instead of looking like me, he’d look like you.

See? Toldja. Nuthin’ to say. Be well, friends and neighbors!


6 thoughts on “Saying “Nothing To Say”.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Not too many times, usually, but every now and then someone who just flat won’t give up comes along. I think Amethyst enjoys it even more than I do. But of course she would, since she’s not the one getting punched in the mouth. 😀

  1. theinfiniterally

    What do you mean nothing to say? We’re learning important social skills here!

    That reminds me. I forgot to check for shit after my dogs seizure earlier today. Oops. Er, poops.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      More like antisocial skills, really. Either way it’s good seeing signs of your continued existence!

      One day, surely, there’s going to be a Saturday morning cartoon called Oopserpoops. It’s just got to happen!

      1. theinfiniterally

        Antisocial skills. I guess the best defense is a good offense? Thanks.You’ve got to exist while the existing is good! Hmmm. Two twisted maxims in one paragraph.
        Oopserpoops would be super duper.


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