We had a wonderful Solstice today, the best one ever. We just kinda cruise controlled through our day, opened our gifts, ate way too much, and enjoyed the company of each other and our critters.

I finally have a decent tortilla press! And it’s an eight incher so I can make the larger tortillas I prefer, especially for tacos.

Tortilla press

Some of the wines we’ve brought home recently have been real stinkers, but the Riff Pinot Grigio that was one of my gifts paired quite well with our turkey. I was kinda bummed when the carafe was empty, but I’m glad it wasn’t up to me because I’d probably have given myself a mild hangover. 🙂 Three drinks and I’ll feel it the next day, four and I’ll hate it.

Also in my four bottles gift is a Pinot Noir from France and two Cabernets, one from Chile and one from California. I didn’t intend to end up with two Cabernets, but worse things could happen. Heck, worse things could have happened on the way home with the wine, but fortunately they didn’t. About 40 miles of the trip was in very heavy snow, after dark, miles ahead of the plow, on the two lane, with heavy truck traffic in both directions. I like that kind of stuff, but Amethyst gets a bit anxious about it. She doesn’t get headliner scratching anxious, but then again she’s got pretty impressive self control. She’s also decided that we need studded snow tires and will never again leave town in wintertime. 😀

The four bottles were originally supposed to come from Palisade, just down the road in the Colorado wine country, but a couple of the stinkers we’ve had recently came from there so we’ve decided that we’ll just take a four day weekend in Spring. We’ll get a room and go do some wine tasting so we know what we’re getting into before we buy. Pretty sneaky, the way I leveraged that gift into a much bigger one, huh? And still got it, too! 😀

And, well, if in Spring it turns out to be four cases rather than four bottles…


6 thoughts on “Solstice!

    1. happierheathen Post author

      I have to have a press because I never could master patting tortillas out by hand. Someone told me once that the best way to learn that is to grow up on a Mexican momma’s knee, but it was already too late by then to do me any good. 😀


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