Damn Dog. :D

The damn dog is too smart for his own good. He’s taken to squatting in the litter box just to get treats, without actually leaving anything behind in the box, and twice last night he piddled on the carpet then came to me expecting a treat. When he doesn’t get the expected treat in either case, he guffs me out about it — barking, growling, and jumping against my leg. He’ll get it figured out, I’m sure, but in the meantime we’re stuck being focused on his excretions. I have better things to do than stare intently at a puppy’s rectum!

That’s the fun part about the decision to bring a puppy home. You know going into it that the carpets will suffer for it and that it will be a bit of a challenge to get beyond that, but that stuff seems trivial compared to the experience of the best pup ever in the whole wide world effect. And Lurch is, as expected, the best pup ever in the whole wide world just as Miss Autumn is The Most Awesome Pitty Pat Who Ever Was Or Could Ever Be. Even if she has taken to drawing blood again in the last couple of days, apparently having learned from Lurch that biting isn’t all that big a deal. My hope was that he would learn from her rather than vice versa.

Naturally I’m taking the long view. I know that it won’t be long before he knows everything he needs to know and can just be a Chihuahua who knows how to live and have fun with humans. And a load of fun it will be, too.

Getting Amethyst trained is a bit problematic, too. 😀 I signal to Lurch that he’s right on the edge of the mistake of biting at me by growling, then he back off, thinks on it for a moment, and returns with renewed discipline. Amethyst doesn’t growl worth a damn so he thinks the noise indicates that she’s playing and nips at her. Ya learn something new every day: I went 35 years not knowing that Amethyst can’t growl. 😀

Well, okay, not every day. I learn something new about once every five years, but that would make a lousy aphorism. You learn something new twice a decade just doesn’t ring.

Perhaps some day I’ll come up with something to write about that’s not a Chihuahua puppy.


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