Finally! Lurch Photos!

It’s really, really, really hard to catch Lurch holding still long enough to get a photo. If he’s sleeping he’s just a black and tan spot, and if he’s awake he’s on the go. But here are a couple that aren’t too blurry:


He was almost still because I’d tuckered him out with a rousing game of tug o’ war.


There he is wanting to play another round. Ain’t nuthin’ cuter than a one pound puppy playing tug o’ war. 😀

Handsome little devil, ain’t he? 🙂

The young sir is now officially litter box trained. He had one accident today but otherwise went to the box of his own accord and did his business without incident. Not bad; he came home with us late on the night of the 22nd, and he was trained by the end of the 2nd. He’s a smart pup, and generously did not hold my training mistakes against me.

I’ve never litter box trained a dog before, but it seems the best way to go. Chihuahuas don’t really like temperatures below 70° and that means that even summer nights here are too cold for them. Heck, visitors from out of town who’ve ignored the good advice to bring coats end up shivering at night here in July and August when the low temperatures are in the high 40’s/low 50’s. And, ya know, if my danglies were just two or three inches off the ground and someone told me I had to go outside to pee when it’s -20° with two feet of snow on the ground I’d be pissing on pillows myself.

Miss Autumn is getting pretty good results teaching Lurch how to play kitty cat games, too. It’s pretty darned entertaining watching two streaks of fur breaking the sound barrier as they race around the house. She still hasn’t got him to enter the crinkle tunnel but I don’t expect it to be too long before she’s got him chasing her through it, and vice-versa. She’s still a bit nervous because he’s still learning to keep his teeth off of living things but once he can manage to control the nipping aspect of puppy exuberance I think they’ll become best buddies in very short order. For the time being, she knows when to escape — before the bite. She’s a smart cat.

Of course she’s a smart cat. She’s already trained me to be her servant!


4 thoughts on “Finally! Lurch Photos!

  1. sunsetdragon

    he is absolutely adorable. Happy Miss Autumn and he are doing well.
    Aren”t all kitties smart as they have us well Trained and most of the time we do not even know it.

  2. kaylar

    too funny. i actually was wishing for pics of little Lurch yesterday. ( i know, i appear to have no life. 😉 i’m so happy for you heathen ones, knowing the unconditional love/beingness, that this cute little baby brings with him.

  3. cocosangel

    He is a damn handsome puppy. Ohhhh he is melting my heart. 🙂
    Couldn’t help laughing about Miss Autumn, and how she had trained you to be her servant. I could say the same too about Coco.


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