More Dog and Cat Stuff

I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving today had a great day. We had a traditional Thanksgiving with the neighbors. They invited us over and fed us, then we killed them and took their land.

Okay, so I tell that joke every year. It’s the only Thanksgiving joke I know, unless you want to count the malarkey in children’s history books. Anyway…

Today we were thankful for family… being so very far away. There’s nothing like a family get-together to remind you why you cut the brake lines on the station wagon.

Baby Bear is no longer Baby Bear, as of about 45 minutes ago. His new name: Lurch.

If you’ve lived a horribly deprived life and so don’t know, Lurch was a character in The Addams Family and in the television series was the guy on the right… Played by Ted Cassidy who was 6’9″ tall and had a basso profundo voice. Not at all Chihuahua-like.

Ordinarily I think it’s pretty lame to give a tiny dog the name of something big but when Amethyst suggested it I laughed so long and hard I got dizzy. So Lurch it is.

Lurch (the pupster formerly known as Baby Bear) is learning how to live with humans (we two humans, anyway) at a pretty impressive rate. He’s only been with us since the night of the 22nd but he’s learning to keep his teeth off of people and litter box training — both of which his puppy exuberance cause him to forget, but he tries. He’s got the word no figured out, but might have already known it when we got him. Or maybe not. We’ll have to ask about that when next we see the young woman, daughter of Johnny the Chinese takeout guy, who gave him to us. And who was surprised to hear that he is not a girl.

The best part of all for today: Miss Awesome just started playing with him a couple of hours ago. She’d been working up to it and tonight she made that brave leap, which is pretty impressive because she was scared half to death of him. It began tonight with her trying to convince him to play in her crinkle tunnel with her, but he didn’t catch on (puppy ADD) so she began rolling one of her balls toward him and did it several times. It’s one she’s seen him playing with since he started playing with it on Monday. After that she set herself up to be sneaked up on, twitching her tail at him and pretending not to know he was behind her but then bolting a few feet right before he actually got to her tail. She tried several times to get him to chase her and it worked a couple of times but the puppy ADD kicked in after about eight feet. So now they’re buds and things can only go downhill from there. We may never get any peace again.


4 thoughts on “More Dog and Cat Stuff

  1. kaylar

    Lurch. alrighty then. 😉 love it. love hearing how the Queen has remembered how to make peace. play. (yes, i learn from animals much better than humans. hmmmm….

  2. cocosangel

    Awww it must be so interesting watching them play. I am just glad that Miss Awesome has taken to the puppy.
    It is nice that you had a enjoyable Thanksgiving with the neighbours. 🙂

  3. sunsetdragon

    Old joke and still make me chuckle a bit.
    I like the name Lurch better than Baby Bear. Happy he and Miss Awesome are getting along and even playing together a bit.
    Have a good week that got here way to fast and i am going to be very happy when this year is over.


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