Baby Bear Has Landed

Little Miss Baby Bear is settling in nicely here in her new home. She didn’t whine even a little bit all night, and I’d surely have known if she had because she slept about a foot from my face. 🙂 Back when I was a single dad I couldn’t sleep when the kids spent their ostensibly alternating weekends with their mother — I’d wake up with a start because I couldn’t hear them breathing, then drift back to sleep only to wake again a few minutes later, and do that all night. Fortunately, their mother wasn’t “into that whole motherhood thing” so it wasn’t every other weekend that I had to do that. It was more often one night every three or four weeks, which was much more tolerable. But this is about Baby Bear…

She’s still a bit wobbly on her feet and I’d have been happier giving her another week or ten days on the teat, but that just wasn’t among the options. Johnny said, night before last, “Three day I kick out! Too many dog. You no take in three day, I kick out!”. There’s no arguing with Johnny when Budweiser is informing his decisions, which means pretty much any time after noon. I can usually get a bit further along in that endeavor than most, but there’s no point to trying when failing might mean that he gets a bug up his ass and pitches chihuahua pups out into the snow. I don’t know that he could or would do that, but why take chances with lives that are not your own?

Back to Little Miss Baby Bear: She seems to be a good fit with our funny little family. Like Miss Awesome, Baby Bear is a sweetie lovin’ baby. Autumn’s still trying to get her head straight regarding the pup, who is tiny and not at all threatening but smells just like a dog. Autumn doesn’t really dig dogs but just as she did her level best with the shelter dog we brought home for an hour or two she’s doing her level best with Baby Bear. When she gets her courage up she’ll move in close to the pup, but then when the fear overcomes the courage she’s gone again back to her comfort zone range, three to six feet away. Once there, though, she flops down and watches the pup without much concern — unless the pup approaches, which will push her away again. But she’s really working at it, and being a sweetie lovin’ baby I’m sure it won’t be too long before they’re best buddies.

I snoozed for a while on the sofa this afternoon with Baby Bear first on my chest and later in the crook of my elbow… Got the left side of my face washed, as well as the thumb and two adjacent fingers on my left hand, too. Now I smell puppy breath on every inhale and by golly there are far worse things in life than that.

The potty training might be interesting, but then again she might just catch on quickly. She’s used her litter box but for one wee piddle on the carpet. We’re litter box training her because this isn’t exactly chihuahua country. Winters are long and snowy, and even in summer it gets too cold at night to send a chihuahua out to potty. She wouldn’t be able to navigate the stairs from the deck to ground level until fully grown anyway, and even then we’d have to keep her on a leash because she’d still be small enough to walk right through the gaps at the (chain link) gates. And without us around she’d be in danger from hawks, owls, and neighborhood cats, so… Litter box it is for the pocket puppy. Amethyst is talking about getting or making a puppy purse to carry her around in, and this being a true dog town the only places dogs aren’t welcome are those where state law says they can’t be, like the market and restaurants. Most places have the owners’ dogs around all the time, the public library has a resident cat, and the old folks’ home has at least two cats who live there. About the only towns that aren’t hard core dog towns on the Western Slope are some ski towns where rich bozos go to be seen, and some parts of Grand Junction where they fancy themselves to be upscale.

Speaking of Miss Awesome, the vet discovered that she’s so awesome she pisses diamonds. Or maybe they’re protein crystals as the vet said they are. Either way she’s now on a prescription feed for the rest of her life to make sure that there’s little to no risk of painful and potentially life threatening problems. She likes the prescription diet just fine, so it’s not a huge deal. The vet said that most cats who end up on it get fat because they like that prescription feed so well, but it looks so far like she might have lost a few ounces. Maybe not. Time will tell, and maybe having Baby Bear around will get her more exercise and prevent obesity anyway.

I’m just loving this banal, boring, domestic tranquility stuff. I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life having nothing more interesting to think about than how cute our critters are and how great it is to have them around.


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