Couldn’t be more mundane

Miss Autumn finally got around to evacuating her bladder at about two o’clock this morning. I’ve never before been happy to be aware of cat urine. 😀 Having done the deed she was freed from imprisonment in the downstairs bathroom at last, and though she was happy about that and affectionate afterward she didn’t sleep in her usual spot near my feet so I’m assuming she was mad at me. We took the prize to the vet this afternoon but haven’t yet heard if they found anything there that shouldn’t be there.

In last week’s Dinkytown paper the editor wrote his usual rambling opinion piece and opened it with the brash statement that if you don’t vote you are irrelevant. He emphasized that point by repeating it, and in the second iteration wrote it “You ARE irrelevant”. So I canceled my recurring subscription payment because while I don’t give credence to the words of mostly illiterate yahoos I’m not going to pay one to insult me. I can just jump online and get thousands of illiterate yahoos insulting me for free. Then in this week’s column he says that “we” should keep the men and women of “our” armed forces “forever in our minds, our hearts and our gratitude”. The irony is nice even if the guy’s literacy is fucked up. You don’t keep a thing in your gratitude; you give your gratitude to it. We don’t say that we keep someone in our respect. I’m not a grammar Nazi, but a guy who writes for a living really ought to try to demonstrate proficiency in language.

On the other hand, my doc has never really demonstrated proficiency in health care, either. I’ve never seen him do it and I’ve never heard of him having done it, either. Folks hereabouts bitch about the guy pretty regularly. The only health care provider in town who seems to get respect from patients is not even a physician; she’s a Nurse Practitioner. And a licensed psycho-the-rapist. That’s the part that scares me. If you don’t have a liquor license you’ve got no business thinking you can tell people how to defuckerize their heads.

On the way back from delivering cat piss to highly trained professionals we stopped in at the market and while there grabbed a bite to eat from their itty bitty shitty deli. Or so we thought. It turned out that the stuff I got is biting me back. Amethyst says she’s never before heard so much noise come from a digestive tract. It’s not the noise that bothers me about it. The interesting part is that the first sign of illness came as a shitty attitude. I’m one who becomes short tempered when stressed and I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from until the gurgling started. Then the shitty attitude went away because I knew where it was coming from. I just wish that the reality had followed the attitude.

‘Nuff sed, huh?

I bumbled into this video earlier today, an excerpt from a much longer video that’s worth watching if you’re able to read my writing without getting too pissed off too often, and thought it worth sharing. He’s reading an excerpt from a speech Howard Zinn gave in 1970 in a debate about civil disobedience, which is why Damon keeps referring back to the paper he’s holding.


2 thoughts on “Couldn’t be more mundane

  1. sunsetdragon

    Hope you do not get sick from the deli stuff.
    Our local paper has always leaned towards the republican side of life and finally they lost so many subscribers they went out of business and are online only now.
    24 degrees here at 1:45 am.
    Brrrr go my flannels on.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      I’m definitely ill from the deli stuff. Oh well.

      Here, the paper being hard-right is good for sales of the thing. People hereabout, in the main, are radical as hell about their unthinking, uncaring conservatism. We’re thinking it’s about time to blow on out of here because of it — it used to be entertaining but now it’s just sickening.

      Stay warm out there!


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