Random Update for 2014-11-12

I get to imprison Miss Awesome in her cat carrier in a little bit… Amethyst thinks she might have some kind of kitty cat urinary tract malady and I’m not certain that she doesn’t (how could I be?) so the Awesome is going off to the vet in the morning. We have to keep her away from the litter box so she might have a full bladder when she gets there, and also keep her from urinating somewhere else in the house, so into the box she goes. Fortunately, she doesn’t hate the Awesome Box. I put it on the living room floor and she walked right in, and was in it again a few minutes ago when she followed me upstairs just because following me around is the Autumn thing to do.

My great hope is that she’s okay, or soon will be. I’m insanely attached to my Awesome. She’s not showing any signs of discomfort that I can see, but as with human children there’s medical attention provided where there’s a question and there is a question. I’m going to feel like a real turd when I close that door on her carrier — but if she doesn’t whine and bitch so much that I can’t sleep I’ll have her, inside her Awesome Box, on the bed with me until Amethyst takes her away in the morning.

It looks like winter has come to Dinkytown. We’ve only had two snowstorms so far but there are more in the forecast. Yay! I like summertime just fine, but I like wintertime, too.

If you ever get the chance to buy Falken tires, don’t. I put a set on my truck about 24,000 miles ago, it cost me $700 to drive away with them, and they were junk before they came off on Friday. $700 for 24,000 miles is a steal — for the tire dealer. There are now four new Michelins on there. The tires we just bought are said to last 70,000 miles and if they do they’ll be on the truck for ten years or more unless we drive a lot more than we have since buying the thing.

The saga of the bluetooth car kit ended with a nicely functional warranty replacement being installed and working great. Kudos to AAMP Of America for that, even if they did make me jump through hoops like a trained dog to get it.

I’ve mentioned a client I’ve got who’s presented me with just one damned crisis after another since coming on board in May… As soon as that account is squared that client is getting drop kicked over the fence to become someone else’s problem. The CEO isn’t, strictly speaking, an asshole client, as he’s not hostile, but he’s got crisis after crisis and I’ve come to hate hearing from him because of it. For the big crisis back in August I believed that the only way to get paid was to offer him a pretty deep discount, and even with it he said to me, “I just don’t have that kind of money lying around”. What, it’s rightly my problem that his business isn’t self-sustaining? I ended up accepting his offer of an installment payment plan but didn’t like doing it, and just before his last installment came along he racked up another grand in charges that I’m wondering if I’ll see before hassling him about it. As far as I’m concerned it’s not my problem if his business fails if he doesn’t owe me anything when it happens. I put the time in as soon as he asked for it, and if he can’t pay me as soon as I ask for that, fuck him. Unreciprocated loyalty is always misplaced.

Oh, yeah, speaking of unreciprocated loyalty, it was Veterans Day yesterday. I read a blog earlier in which the author stated that whether a given conflict is right or wrong Veterans Day is not the day to talk about it, is instead the day to honor those who’ve served. So much for the Nuremberg Trials, Geneva Convention, and (not so common) human decency. Anyone who wants to be pissed off about my saying so better have a DD-214 and an unqualified honorable discharge with his or her name on it — I do. It ain’t about whether or not you served, but about who and what you served, that makes it worthy of celebration. Otherwise we might as well call it William Calley, Jr. Day.

Time for me to put Miss Awesome in the Awesome Box and feel like a turd for doing it. Be well, friends and neighbors!


7 thoughts on “Random Update for 2014-11-12

  1. sunsetdragon

    We are sending prayers that Miss Awesome is alright or at least only needs a round of medication rom the vet to get better.
    No snow here yet but cold and even colder with the wind chill.
    We just bought 4 new tires from Les Schwab as the tres on were factory tires form when we bought Greenbean in 2013. They were getting a bit wore, and Greenbean also needed an alignment.
    Bluetooth car kit? is that the one you wear in your ear or is it installed in the car-we have the thing in our car where we can hook our cell phones up to the steering wheel to hear i wont he radio and to answer.
    Is that the same thing?
    You crisis client sounds very tiring and frustrating.
    I got in trouble yesterday on a blog of mentioning I am offended by the dodgers who left the country to avoid the draft during the Nam draft.
    Crap thought this was the USA.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      The car kit is pretty much the same thing you’ve got in Greenbean, but I had to add it because bluetooth wasn’t even invented yet when my truck rolled off the assembly line. I mainly got it for streaming music and the GPS vocalizations from the phone to the car radio, but it also has the microphone for hands-free calling. I don’t find it any less distracting than using a headset, which I don’t find any less distracting than holding the phone to my ear, so I rarely talk on the phone while driving.

      Yeah, this is the USA alright, but that doesn’t mean what most think it means. 😀

  2. Roadkill Spatula

    On Memorial Day I wrote about my own lack of military experience and how my dad rarely referred to his own. I thought about those things yesterday but didn’t say anything. I was grateful to be young enough to miss the Vietnam draft and just old enough not to register under the current Selective Service system. My concern regarding Vietnam was not policy but my own terror.

    I remember Lt. Calley vividly, even though I was a kid at the time, and a couple of similar things that happened in the recent conflicts. In looking back at how poorly I handled some aspects of running a refugee camp (my job in 1984-1985), I’m grateful that the power of life and death has rarely been put in my hands.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      I was glad that the Vietnam era draft ended before I’d have been made a criminal for refusing to register. I will not take part in war crimes or any other crimes against humanity, and what we did in Vietnam was both. Though it was obvious beforehand, the leak of the Pentagon Papers made it undeniable that the sole purpose of our invasion of South Vietnam was to take natural resources by force.

      I always wondered about the prosecution of Lt. Calley. Commission of war crimes is a matter of US military policy and we always target innocent civilians in every major conflict including the terror campaign we’re waging now. The culpability always goes all the way to the Oval Office, but the prosecution rarely ever reaches any higher than the junior officer corps and then only when it’s useful for propaganda purposes. There’s no defense of Calley’s actions, but the prosecutions should have gone all the way to the White House. Nixon would have looked quite dapper with his tie on upside-down.

  3. cocosangel

    I hope and pray that Miss Awesome will be alright, and that it is not something major. 🐱 If Coco gets sick, I get so worried.
    We just had a dust of snow on Saturday, but there is no snow on the ground. (I am glad) It is good you are winter person, whereas I hate it. Specially because, of the slippery conditions we have here.
    My tires were changed last year and had new Michelin tires, but two weeks later I was in a 4 car pile up.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      It’s now after 10PM here and Autumn hasn’t evacuated her bladder since 1AM. She’s a willful kitty. The vet says that cats will do that kind of thing when they have urinary tract infections; they blame the litter box for the discomfort, so won’t use it. So she’s home now, locked in the downstairs bathroom until she gives in so that I can collect the urine sample to take back to the vet for analysis. I wish she’d just get on with it. I miss having her underfoot.

      It gets pretty darn slippery here, too, but I see it as a challenge to be relished. The only downside is that Amethyst insists that I do all of the winter driving, even when she has to be to work at 4:30AM. I don’t really mind the driving part, but that’s an hour past my bedtime and doing it too often leaves me tired all the time.

      I hope I get more than two weeks out of these new tires! I wish you were still riding around on yours, too. Wrecks are only supposed to happen to people that no one knows.


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