An Amethyst Quickie

I’m up to my neck in work so I’m not getting around Voidpress as much as I’d like, but I thought it might be fun to share this:

This afternoon when we came out of the Dinkytown market there, parked next to our truck, was a small car occupying two parking spaces and about four feet from the curb. Amethyst pointed at it and said, “Her depth perception must be off from so many years of men lying to her”. I knew where she was going but asked anyway, “Why would you say that?”. She held up her hand with her thumb and index fingers indicating a span of about two inches and said, “She’s probably gone her whole life being told that this is six inches”.

My response: “Or it might be that the space is nowhere near so tight as she believes it to be”.



4 thoughts on “An Amethyst Quickie

  1. whyzat

    My parking is bad, but not that bad! And I know a six-incher when I see it, though what I normally see is an eight-incher. EEeeew, too much information! 😦


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