1279 Words Of Nothing Much

I’m completely ready now for the lottery jackpots. I think I’d make a great retired person. I’d grow lots and lots of fruits, veggies, and nuts, raise some chickens, maybe a few other critters, and avoid the human species as much as possible. You guys are great, but most humans suck and not in a good way.

I might be about to jettison another client. This company has only been with me since May, and things were good at first, but history only counts for just so much and only for just so long. When the history doesn’t count for much any more, well, shucks, it’s time to say so long. I don’t blame the CEO for being scared half to death when his company’s revenue streams get dammed up — I’ve weathered that storm several times myself and dutifully got scared half to death. But I learned from my mistakes, and I can only hope that if I pitch this client over the fence the CEO will learn from it. He probably won’t because most people are incapable of learning from their mistakes and instead choose to maintain an undeserved self-admiration by blaming others for the unpleasant consequences of their own bad decisions. Sometimes others do in fact deserve that blame, but it’s far less often than the average person can accept.

Our eldest rear-ended another car some years ago and blamed the other guy for having no brake lights. Sure, he should have had working brake lights, but if she hadn’t been following too closely she wouldn’t have run her car into his. She still gets all kinds of tweaked if I point that out.

I read an article today about the power of the mind, under the title “What if Age Is Nothing but a Mind-Set?“. A bit of citation:

  • Even smart people fall prey to an “illusion of control” over chance events
  • We aren’t really very rational creatures
  • Our cognitive biases routinely steer us wrong
  • people are trained not to think and are thus extremely vulnerable to right-sounding but actually wrong notions
  • not only are most people led astray by their biases, but they are also spectacularly inattentive to what’s going on around them
  • When you’re not there … you’re very likely to end up where you’re led
  • office workers were far more likely to comply with a ridiculous interdepartmental memo if it looked like other official memos
  • If people could learn to be mindful and always perceive the choices available to them they would fulfill their potential

And so on. That last one is problematic; we all make the best decisions of which we’re capable at the time. Free will is illusory. No second grader ever said when asked what he or she wanted to be when grown up, “I want to be addicted to dangerous chemicals and irrationally committed to an abusive relationship”. But everyone who ever ended up that way was once a second grader who wanted to be a ballerina or an astronaut or a doctor or a fireman or a chemist or something else ostensibly admirable. (Except me, that is. I never expected to live long enough to be “grown up” and don’t know that I ever will.)

So now I’ve got another client who’s not really very rational, whose cognitive biases have regularly steered him wrong, who has been trained not to think (and who shows no proficiency at it when he pretends to be trying), who is spectacularly inattentive, and so on. I suppose I could take my heathen ass out to Memphis with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and sit his spectacularly inattentive ass down for a reality check, but he’s not willing to pay for it and I’ve already given the shithead about six thousand dollars worth of charity so I’m not willing to pay for it, either..

It seems that I’m not as rational as I’d like to believe I am, eh? On the other hand, I’ve other clients to whom I sometimes give freebies and they’re always very thrilled and appreciative. One, in particular, has reduced the number of servers she’s keeping but chooses to pay me every month for the original number — she says that she believes that she takes up more of my time than she pays for and doesn’t wish to be perceived as taking advantage. She actually doesn’t, so I bumped the number of monthly prepaid hours to be appropriate to what she thinks she wants to spend. 🙂

Once upon a time I read a self-help book, the take-away of which was “give to the givers, take from the takers”. While much of it was the typical psychobabble bullshit, that one sentence has served me quite well.

Another article I read online this week but didn’t bookmark so can’t directly cite said, in essence, that cats are generally assholes. They don’t like to be petted, they don’t love us back, and they don’t enjoy our company, basically. The researchers who were referenced in the article never met Miss Awesome. She loves to be petted, and most days she ends up here in my office vocalizing just how much she wants some pitty pat lubbens right damn now. She hangs out with us most of the time, follows me around like a puppy, and always sleeps with me. Here we are, three animals in a four bedroom two story house, and she’s almost always near the two-legs. Quite often she’s right smack in the middle between us — if I’m in the living room or kitchen while Amethyst is in the game room, Autumn will be found at the halfway point at the top of the stairs or in the hallway. While Amethyst sleeps and I’m working, Autumn is usually either in the office with me or in the family room between the office door and the stairs Amethyst might descend if she’s not sleeping well.

So much for modrun seance, huh? Those preconceived notions and biases turn up even when we try to factor them out. Well, not we, really. Some of us are a mite smarter’n ‘at.

Now where was I? I was interrupted by a pitty pat who needed some lubbens.

We’ll be bringing home a new member of the family in a month or so, a wee little chihuahua puppy. We’re hopeful that Miss Autumn will be his big sister/adopted momma. We’re also hopeful that he understands a wee bit o’ English, as he’s been born into the home of Johnny the guy who owns the Chinese takeout joint. The pup will be among the last of his paternal lineage because some random transplanted Texican shitheads stole his father and before the cops found him the Texican shitheads had already had him neutered. Is their being Texicans and shitheads relevant or merely redundant? 😀

Ennyhoo, the pup will probably grow up to look something like this, I think:

Kinda like a wingless bat, huh? At the moment he looks like about a tablespoon of animated black fur.

In udder nooze:

  • I got the new garbage disposer installed
  • Ditto the stove repairs
  • So we’re kinda sorta something like middle class/non-rednecks now
  • The bluetooth car kit is on its way back to the manufacturer…
  • … but I might have forgot to put the RMA number on the package so it might come back
  • Some fleabay seller from whom I ordered stinkjet ink catridges never got around to shipping them…
  • … so I got a refund and ordered some from another vendor…
  • … who might also be a Chinese company with US warehousing…
  • … but who would therefor be pretty much just like an American company anyway
  • It’s time to burn flowers.

Be well, friends and neighbors!


9 thoughts on “1279 Words Of Nothing Much

  1. promisesunshine

    there’s much wisdom in this. more wisdom than i can probably manage to absorb at this moment of low caffeine. so i’m just going to take the gem that you have given. now that sounds like an oxymoron. but you know. (give to the givers, take from the takers) Incidentally, if a person takes something that is given are they takers?

    also, i agree with your take on cats. i think cats are like people: some are generally assholes and some are not.

  2. whyzat

    Those researches must not know many cats. What are they doing researching cat friendliness anyway? I think they have watched too many episodes of “My Cat From Hell.”
    The age aticles sounds like something from one of my sources for critical thinking info. Sometimes, I catch myself thinking that I am able to resist all the logical fallacies, then I catch myself thinking fallaciously.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      I can relate. Because I’m relatively good at threat analysis I’m not freaking over ebola and I don’t talk on the phone while driving, but I still believe that there’s some kind of magic involved in jettisoning problem clients because the pattern is so far perfectly consistent. I pitch a problem client over the fence and a much better client comes along within a month even though I’ve done nothing new to make it happen. But maybe it’s not magical thinking. Maybe it’s just a magic we don’t understand. 😀

  3. sunsetdragon

    That is going to be a sweet pup.
    Yeah is kind of like a wingless bat.
    Aww yes winning the lotto. Oh man if only.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      🙂 My family had a chihuahua when Amethyst and I met and he was a great little critter, exuberant and full of life and not at all the stereotypical neurotic, bitchy chihuahua. We’re hoping that this one will respond similarly to being treated well. Most do, anyway.

      If we bag a lottery jackpot the critters are going to be spoiled rotten. 😀

  4. LAMarcom

    HH (For that is how I think of yew)..
    I need to say sumthing:
    I AM, not really, DRUNK.
    Just ‘tired’—ever use that one?
    Thought so..
    Busting me…
    Just occured to me…
    Things I wish to convey…
    Should not be in some public
    I have mine own Private Ideo…Hoe:
    lancemarcome781@gmail, dot com..
    Let us talk.
    Or not.
    (PS: for all you wanna-be scammers out there: I do track your IP addy)

  5. Roadkill Spatula

    I was in a weird codependent relationship that sucked the life out of both parties until it ended after 17 years. But I’ve never been the type to submit to ridiculous policies at the office, even at my most insecure. I’ve always assumed that somewhere in the system there has to be a rational person that will understand my reasons for not complying. In a couple of cases, I figured out the minimum I had to do to comply nominally.

    Gave up on self-help books years ago. I’m not big on giving advice, either, beyond the occasional suggestion. Interestingly, I’m now happily married to a woman who freely dishes out advice to her friends and relatives. She doesn’t to me, though, except in regard to my ex, and most of what she advised in that regard I implemented because it was steps I should have taken years ago.


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