One Thousand Words Of Nothing Much

It’s been a week since I blogged so it must be time to write a new one.

I might have finally got the manufacturer of the bluetooth car kit up to the point of replacing the cute little shiny metal box. The tex port drone finally ran out of arguments against replacing the thing, long after running out of logical arguments. I probably shouldn’t bitch, though, because all indications are that they’re going to replace the thing even though I bought it from some random shithead on fleabay. If the thing will work all the time the way it now works most of the time I’ll be a happy technophile.

Technophile sounds like too haughty a term, but I’ve never identified myself as a geek or nerd. The only things I have in common with that subspecies are a big brain and a strong aversion to stupidity. It’s not a superiority thing; it’s like having good hygiene and so wishing to avoid those who don’t. A person can be perfectly wonderful and not at all objectionable in any other way, but when his aroma is reminiscent of sweaty horse rectum few will wish to be close to him.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I do know what the ass of a sweaty horse smells like. The rectum in particular, well, maybe not. I’ve never stuck my beak right up in there to discover whether or not the rectum itself smells like the overall ass. I can’t see myself ever doing it, really.

The first time our daughter said of a dish she disliked at a restaurant that it “tasted like ass”, my response was “I’ll have to take your word for that”. She hasn’t used that phrase around me ever since. 😀

I’ve probably mentioned that our rent is relatively low because our landlady isn’t in a position to make repairs so I have to do so myself… And that the house was suffering a pretty severe case of single-mom-itis. She’s certainly not a hillbilly, she was simply doing the best she could with the resources available to her. The shingles on the roof are pretty new, but the garbage disposer was replaced with pipe. The fan limit switch in the furnace was sticky so sometimes you had to whack it with a short wooden tool handle that was kept nearby for the purpose of getting the fan to shut off. That kind of thing. Lots and lots of that kind of thing.

I’ve already got most of the deferred maintenance corrected and with any kind of luck will be powering through the last of it that I’m willing to do this weekend. There’s a new 3/4 horsepower garbage disposer on the way and UPS predicts that it will be here on Thursday, along with some range parts for the nearly too old to repair electric range that was installed when the house was built back in 1979. It’ll be nice to have all four burners working again. One of the small ones was toast when we moved in, and the only large one punked out recently and motivated me to get up off of my lazy ass to fix it.

If you are or have known well one who was the scapegoat child in a family of at least one pathologically narcissistic parent you know that “get up off of my lazy ass” is a joke. If you’re not: That was a joke. I’ve never been and wouldn’t ever have been allowed to be lazy. Now ya know.

There are a couple of power outlets that don’t work and are fire hazards, and I’m finally thinking about getting up off of my lazy ass to fix those, too. If the weather gods aren’t full of shit again it’ll be in the mid-60’s and dry this weekend, which is nice for that kind of work since the junction box and one of those two outlets are outdoors. Amethyst will be working this weekend so hopefully I don’t forget my manners and get corrected by the unforgiving tron gods. I’d feel pretty stupid getting killed by 120 volts AC after spending so many years working with high voltage as I did. On the up side, I’ve historically been infinitely safer working alone on high voltage electronics than when working with others. I just have to keep that streak alive.

On the other hand, I might get around to procrastinating on that job.

Unless we land a big lottery jackpot, the carpets and a couple of compromised thermal windows are going to remain as they are. Our resources are not so limited as our landlady’s were and may still be, but there’s only so much I’m willing to pay for in a rental. Last weekend Amethyst was looking at a new electric range… she might be willing to buy new carpet, and if she is then more power to her, but I’m not going to do it myself.

Now you know why I don’t post photos of Miss Autumn all the time. The carpet sucked even in 1979 when it was new and it’s not improved at all with age. I wasn’t so fond of that whole “Earth tones” thing even in 1979 when my dear Amethyst was picking out our furniture — I was just perfectly happy to know that her sweet ass would sit on it. Not that it ever did.

I sure do have a thrilling weekend planned! On Saturday I’ll repair the range, install the garbage disposer, fix the burnt electrical bits, and maybe even get around to preparing the garage to contain The Doat all winter. The Doat is our old pickup truck. Maybe my old pickup truck. The one with the busticated bluetooth car kit still in it, for the time being. The one that’ll get its oil changed on the last weekend of the month, if I manage to get up off of my lazy ass to change it. 😀

Boy, now, that’s one exciting life I’ve got, ain’t it?


4 thoughts on “One Thousand Words Of Nothing Much

  1. cocosangel

    I am not a handy person. Nor is my husband. So when things happen in our house, we have to get a plumber and repair man etc. Of course, that’s a quite a lot of money.
    I missed seen Miss Autumn’s photos. 🐱 and hearing her stories.

  2. kaylar

    heh. a heathen weekend. if not a happier one.
    i had not wondered about your Autumn queen’s perchs, until now.
    now, to get the little queen to perch on the taller Queen’s shoulders.
    killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. 🐱

  3. sunsetdragon

    I am seriously considering playing gin the mud puddles all eek end and kicking mud on anyone who gets close enough to try to stop me.


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