The Way Of The Dodo

Amethyst, like many others, likes to use the phrase “gone the way of the Dodo”. I understand the meaning, but I find it humorous where others generally don’t. So, generous soul that I am, I think it only fitting that I should share the fun with everyone else. Let’s just pick a random example from headlines gleaned from a quick web search: “Netbooks to go the way of the Dodo by 2015″.

I suppose it could happen, but it seems unlikely that over the course of the next couple of months all netbook computers ever made will be eaten by sailors.

No, I’m not high right now. I just find it an odd expression given the manner of the Dodo’s extinction. I don’t even remember why it was that I studied the Dodo in elementary school. It might have been part of an assignment, but it might just as easily have been spontaneous curiosity. I learned a lot more just satisfying my curiosity at the public library than I ever learned satisfying teachers’ demands in school.

The topic of education seems to be coming up a lot lately. It came up in conversation with a client this afternoon, one I’m both mentoring and corrupting because I have taken an interest in her success as a businesswoman and a human being and without a certain quantity of corruption she cannot succeed. She’s got a bachelor’s degree in marketing but until I mentioned him this afternoon she’d never heard of Edward Bernays. I was surprised by that. I probably shouldn’t have been. She’s a bright and motivated woman who cannot be faulted for being unaware that the one thing she didn’t get from her college experience was education. They told her it was education, and it looked a lot like the stuff she’d got earlier in life and was told was education, so she had no way of knowing that it wasn’t.

Yes, by golly, I do appreciate the irony of an autodidact lamenting the fact that education is going to shit like last night’s meatloaf. As did the Dodo. The only difference is that education is being eaten by preachers rather than sailors.

So, anyway, I turned her on to Fast Eddie Bernays. And some other stuff, like the real estate bubble that burst in 2007/2008 being the product of marketing campaigns undertaken by bankers. She said, ‘Wow, I didn’t know that I, being in marketing, had so much power”. I had to laugh. She’s in the industry that tells Americans what to think, and they obediently think it, and she spends her days using the tools and techniques of propaganda, but didn’t recognize it as power. I told her about how it came to be that the longstanding taboo against women smoking was broken by one man, Edward Bernays, very quickly and with very little effort. She hadn’t been aware that there ever was such a taboo…

I figure that if we can get her head defuckerized she’ll be a force to be reckoned with. I hope so. She’s human. She’s got a small staff and is exempt from the employer mandates of the ACA but is working now to provide health insurance for her employees. We need more like her.

I don’t want her business to go the way of the Dodo. 😀


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