Going Nowhere Is Good

Cruisin’ and perusin’ this here Voidpress contraption has left me to conclude that I am one of the few hereabouts who isn’t in some kind of transitional phase of life. Lots of folks we know in the tangible world are in transition, too. Amethyst and I are kinda sorta in a long, slow transition from what was (very ugly) and what’s to come (quite nice), but where we are isn’t all that bad and it doesn’t feel at all transitional. Once she’s off of the unheathenly early morning shift we’ll be without a thing to complain about except being unable to contribute to any entertaining bitchfests. Since I got through the run of client crises that were mine because people pay me to have their headaches for them I’ve been feeling downright content and accomplished, and with the work just coming in and moving out as it should I get some sense of accomplishment almost every day to keep the contentment topped up.

Having nothing to bitch about decreases blogging frequency and volume, but that just doesn’t seem a thing to bitch about. The more I have to say, the less I’m loving life at the moment, so the less I have to say the better I like it. This post is an exercise in expressing the mundane in as many words as possible in the hope that with practice I might become more adept at… well, expressing the mundane using as many words as possible.

I now have positive proof that a picture is not necessarily worth a thousand words:

arkon_mount_htc_one_m8That picture says exactly 25 words: I am fond of my new cell phone mount and really do need to clean both my camera lens and the floor of my truck. I suppose it could also say that I’ve given up on trying to convince Amethyst to stop crossing her legs and getting the dirt from her shoes on my door and glovebox, but that still doesn’t take it anywhere near a thousand words. It might also say that I haven’t got around to washing the truck since driving in the rain, but we’re still far short of a thousand words.

It used to seem important to upgrade that stereo to the better factory model with a CD player in it, but the CD era is drawing to a close anyway. Why fool around with optical media when you can wirelessly stream your music?

It seems a good time to leave that topic. I’m boring even myself with it.

I love my job. It’s not every guy like me who gets to bill doctors and lawyers for professional services. I love that part. I just sent a surgeon an invoice. Is that fucking cool, or what? I know that lots of people sell stuff to surgeons, but it’s still a novel idea to me.

Oh damn. I lost my train of thought.


7 thoughts on “Going Nowhere Is Good

  1. SouthernHon

    Ha ha, I love that song. I have to say that I’m not really in a transition phase of life right now, either. I feel pretty settled. My children are pretty much grown up, my marriage is good, my job is good and I feel pretty happy about life in general. Of course there are things I would like to change, but they’re not major things. I’m trying not to bitch as much about those things!

  2. sunsetdragon

    Hey sitting in one spot is not all that bad. I have been doing that for quite a few years now and am quite comfortable in my sloth. :mrgreen:


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