Happy Solstice!

I wonder why I never get around to blogging holiday wishes until after most of my regular readers are asleep and the holiday is over. On the other hand, what the hell is wrong with you people anyway? I’m still going strong at midnight.

‘Twas three years ago today that Miss Autumn came to live with us and became my new master.


That photo was snapped just a moment before the last, similar one, before she was fully annoyed with me for futzing about with the phone rather than loving on The Cat.

I joined Amethyst for her annual Autumnal Equinox ritual, which thankfully is a short and simple one. She’s not so big on elaborate ceremonies. Hell, our wedding ceremony didn’t last five minutes. We know what’s important: The reception lasted four days.

In other news, the cool new (car) cell phone mount that I ordered last week arrived today. It’s the first one I’ve seen that I’ve actually liked — its predecessors were selected based upon how they rated in suck factor, but none went past zero into non-suck territory. This one’s a flexible gooseneck that bolts to the seat mount, and not so easily flexed that it’s going to wander around with my relatively large phone on it. It’s not going to fall off of the windshield on hot days, or cold days, or any days at all. And the gooseneck is long enough at 22″ to put the phone in a great location where I can reach it to poke the car mode buttons and easily glance at it to see what I need to see on the GPS. So yay.

I was also supposed to receive my bluetooth car kit today, but the fleabay seller fucked up. Or fleabay did. Either way, when I ordered it I got punched in the face with an alert dialog telling me that the seller doesn’t ship to PO boxes, so I changed the shipping address to our home address. Then the thing was shipped via USPS — and there’s no mail delivery to our home or to any homes in our neighborhood, so the package got to ride all around this end of the county and then go back to the postal orifice. Fortunately it’s Dinkytown, and we’re known to the folks who inhabit the postal orifice (and especially so because Amethyst worked there), so the package isn’t going all the way back to California just to get one line of the address changed.


Later this week, the old truck will become bluetooth enabled and then we’ll be uptown. I’m not going to pretend that I have anything in common with the cool kids, though.

Since none of this shit is interesting despite being the best I’ve got at the moment, I’ll get out of the way and let you find something worth paying attention to, if there is such a thing still in existence these days.

Be well, friends and neighbors!


13 thoughts on “Happy Solstice!

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Oh HELL no we don’t live there! I snapped that photo when we were living in Las Vegas, which sucked. It’s at the start of a four wheel drive scenic/nature trail that’s between Las Vegas and Lake Mead. I used to head out there when the noise and tension of the city got to be too much, once or twice a week.

  1. theinfiniterally

    Well happy advent, Miss Autumn! She is looking well.

    Happy fall festivus. I wish I had some ceremony for marking the occasion. Maybe I’ll eat some orange cream chocolates.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Miss Autumn says you’re supposed to mention her first in order to show the proper respect due to the Queen Of The World And All Its Inhabitants. 😀

      Happy Equinox to you, too!

      1. kaylar

        Ms. Autumn is like every calico i have ever met, then. 🙂
        you may relay to her that you followed her wishes properly, but i have a bit of calico in me, and decline her request, at least, until she learns to type. not that she would stoop to that. 😉

        1. happierheathen Post author

          Therein lies the rub. Miss Autumn would never deign to typing; that’s one of the reasons she keeps her two-leg servants around. If it requires thumbs, heavy lifting, going outdoors, interrupting a nap or playtime, or is in any other way beneath her exalted status, it’s my job. Or Amethyst’s if I’m being intolerably recalcitrant — it’s faster and easier to get Amethyst on the job than to light a fire under my heathen ass. 😀

  2. girlforgetful

    I must really be a heathen to the bone because I have no idea what this holiday is you speak of. Hail Autumn, Queen of All She Perceives and Anything That May Have Escaped Her Notice.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      For me it’s merely an excuse to drink wine and burn some peculiar flowers. But then it’s my belief that almost everything is a reason to celebrate because the ability to celebrate will one day be taken away.

  3. cocosangel

    Oh Miss Autumn looks so adorable. And yes, she does look like a Master who takes charge. No nonsense. 😀 😀
    Thank good ness you got the package somehow at the end. Sometimes, I cannot understand all these rules about sending them to a home address. :/

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Oh, heck, that cat is chock full of nonsense. She still believes she’s a kitten. A kitten who must always get her way. 😀

      In any bigger city than this one, that package would have gone all the way back to Los Angeles without question as soon as it was declared undeliverable as addressed and I’d probably have ended up having to pay a second freight charge. But, this being Dinkytown, when I walked in to retrieve it a nice lady who works at the post office saw me come in and brought the package out to me. Then she noticed that a newbie had put the wrong PO Box number on it — and she didn’t have to look it up, because she knows our box number. Small towns rock!

      1. cocosangel

        Oh there you are!!! That town does rock!!! 😀

        Well my cat, who turned 8 years old still thinks she is a kitten of a few months. Sometimes she just into a frenzy and runs…… like a spiderwoman. Her Mom and Dad have stopped saying anything to her! 😮


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