Wholly Cow, I’m Cot Up

It finally happened: I’m no longer behind in my work. It took longer than I’d expected, but I’d failed to anticipate all of the things that got all blowed the fuck up getting all blowed the fuck up. Anyone got a reliably working crystal ball to donate to an unworthy cause such as this freaky old heathen? πŸ˜€

Today I shipped out a new server to one client and a drive full of archive data to another, worked up a prototype application for a new client, cleared a few more trivial things from the to-stress-over list, and also fed the cat. It’s much nicer in the office without that server being in the way, and the next time power is applied to it neither the noise nor the heat will be mine to endure. Yay!

The best part of getting that server out the door is that soon we’ll be retiring a couple of old virtual (“cloud”) servers that haven’t been updated in so long that they cannot be automatically updated any more. With the interwebz being so hostile as they are I will have less to worry about when those outdated systems are vaporized and so NMP any more.

The new client is almost an interesting story. Something possessed the guy to go looking for developers in the middle of the night on Saturday night, just shy of midnight here in the good time zone, just shy of 2AM in New York City where he lives and works. I received the email from theΒ contact form processor on my web site, and my first thought was to blow it off until Monday. I can’t really be a properly maladjusted, malcontent, misfit, pot-headed loser dweeb if I have ambition beyond packing the next bowl, right? The only correct response was to blow it off until Monday, but instead I replied via email to the guy and we had a nice little protracted conversation, then last (Sunday) night I called him to discuss his project. During the course of what was a very pleasant conversation he told me that he’d contacted four other developers and I was the only one who’d responded, and now that we’d both invested time into the preliminaries those other four are out of luck.

Score one more, albeit a small one, for the maladjusted, malcontent, misfit, pot-headed loser dweeb. πŸ˜€


12 thoughts on “Wholly Cow, I’m Cot Up

  1. promisesunshine

    you certainly seem adjusted fine to me. i don’t think i’ve heard dweeb since high school. or middle school. i dunno.
    yay, on getting work done.
    guess what i’m doing for free? typing words into a program. on my own time. talk about dweeb.


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