Seven Buzzards


Where’s Waldo? If you look carefully there are seven buzzards in the above photo, five in the trees in addition to the two obvious birds on the wing. Some are hard to see even in the full size image to which the one above is linked. So I guess it would only be right to say that there are two in the tree in the left side of the frame, one pretending to be a tree topper and another at about his 8 o’clock and partially concealed by a branch; another is near the top of the tree closest to the middle of the frame; two more are in the tree to the right of that one (not that to the far right and in the foreground), one above the other.

I’m a programmer, Jim, not a photographer!

The thing that’s interesting to me is that on the lawn beneath those trees there’s an event taking place with lots of people and live music. Who knew turkey vultures like live music? It’s not at all unusual to see buzzards around, in fact it would be unusual this time of year to not see them, and they often fly low over town hoping to spot a meal. Sometimes one or two will light in a tall tree, but I’ve not seen them light so close to so many people making so much noise. Maybe they’re just all feeling fat and sassy after dining on the early crop of roadkill so have more time to spend on entertainment and storing energy for the upcoming migration.





15 thoughts on “Seven Buzzards

  1. whyzat

    The cultures here like to sit on the street lights. I don’t like to go too close, and for sure don’t want to walk UNDER them. I have a feeling that they make a lot of poop!

    1. happierheathen Post author

      It’s been an interesting summer with lots of wildlife coming into town. So far they’ve darted a solo bear, a sow bear with a cub, and two mountain lions. The roads are also exceptionally furry for this time of year. I suspect that an unusually low yield on the wild berry bushes might be behind it all, with our summer having been so cloudy and rainy that domestic vegetable gardens are suffering, too.

      Or maybe it’s the start of the rebellion. 😀

  2. LAMarcom

    Laughing at the Star Trek intertextual.

    When I was growing up in rural East Texas and always accompanied by my trusty .22 and the angst which flowed into me from my Grandfather (You remember him, eh? That sumbitch whut used to shoot at me, or dodge my rounds inadvertently placed).

    Anyway, I loved back then to shoot birds (I have since recovered). I was always tempted to take a shot at a vulture, but I never saw one on the ground. Of course in Texas, at least back then, this was against ‘The LAW’ and believe it or not, I was a law-abiding youth. It wasn’t until some years later that I went over to the dark side and that was mainly due to the injustice of the Texas Marijuana Laws..
    And my desire to make a lot of MONEY.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      A family who used to live next door to us moved to Okla-mobile-homa and the following summer we went out to visit… Their kid, who was about eight years old then, knocked a buzzard out of the sky with a 16 gauge shotgun. I told him that killing buzzards was illegal, so he got scared and hid the thing in the bottom of his toybox. It quickly ripened in there and stank up the whole house. 😀

      So, how rich does a guy get by abandoning duffel bags full of pot in storage units? 🙂

      1. LAMarcom


        “I made enuff money to buy Miami…
        But I pissed it away so fast…”

        Perhaps you recognize the song lyric?
        Here is a clue and a nickel:
        (Aw! Screw the clue! Screw the nickel)


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