Just Doin’ My Job

On the good news front, my firewall machine is in front of the client’s server that’s still under attack and it’s now serving up web pages to legitimate users just as if the attack weren’t there at all. Yay. Yay me, in fact. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished and I’m not ashamed to speak openly about it. That’s something that used to give me trouble — I had a habit, a compulsive one at that, of downplaying enormous accomplishments by saying things like “just doin’ my job”.

This whole experience, being so recent, has got me to thinking that I ought to put together a core set of tools and their configurations that I can deploy quickly and easily when the need for them arises. Build it once, sell it over and over again, crapitalism at its finest. In my usual gig where I focus upon writing custom software I don’t get to do that. I write it once, sell it once, and that’s that. It’s not at all a bad gig; it’s never boring, it pays well enough most of the time,  and it enables me to live the way I want to live, mostly. I’d just as soon be independently wealthy and not have to spend time earning money, but if I’ve got to earn money I want to do it from right here in my home office and never have to concern myself with my appearance.

Additionally, I think that creating just such a thing might be a damned good idea for a venture that my dear wife has in mind. I get to be the technical guru for it, and she gets to stretch well beyond her experience and comfort zone to make it happen. If we just accept the financial hit of deploying a machine like the one I’ve got in mind even before we need it, then when it becomes vitally necessary I can just spend a couple of minutes configuring it to hold off the attack du jour and be done with it. We could then congratulate ourselves for being smarter than the average bear and call it all good.

Maybe we could even smoke some reefer and call it even better. She can’t at present join me in my favorite form of mind alteration because her employer will terminate weed smokers but tolerates raging alcoholics and even covers their addiction treatment on their health insurance plan. The funny part is that when we talk about it Amethyst says that she really, really wishes she could join me in it but can’t, whereas several years ago her story was that she didn’t dig it because it gave her “Frankenstein forehead”.

‘Scuse me. I must now smoke marijuana. It’s a fringe benefit that my employer buys for me. 😀




3 thoughts on “Just Doin’ My Job

  1. sunsetdragon

    well done about the firewall doing it’s job so well and have a wonderful week that got here way to fast.


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