It annoys hell out of me to work like a rented mule for ten days straight and then at the very end of it find myself all alone and so unable to implement the solution that’s at hand because I’ve worked so hard to make it so. That’s where I found myself today, or now officially yesterday, and I’m still quite displeased so quite likely to get high so I can put off my displeasure until tomorrow. Or officially later today, if you’re one who pays attention to the clock. Being a night owl I can’t do that — I start four out of five workdays on the same calendar day upon which the previous workday ended.

The interesting part is that I don’t yet know if this client is one who’ll just pay me for the time I’ve put into saving his business, or one who’ll force me to negotiate with him to achieve an outcome that leaves us both unhappy but hopefully somewhere shy of intolerably so. I’ve clients in both camps, and I absolutely love hearing from those in the former camp. It’s when I don’t know yet which I’m dealing with that I get a little nervous.

Oh, hey, it’s time to get heathen with high. See ya!



4 thoughts on “WTF

    1. happierheathen Post author

      It is a bit nerve-wracking. A client in that position is like one going into the emergency room with an inflamed gall bladder in that in both cases the primary goal is to make the pain go away and save the life, even if it’s the metaphorical life of a business, and the cost of it is a concern postponed. This client has so far been good about paying, but so far hasn’t seen a bill for more than a couple grand and got to decide that it was worth it before committing. This one’s much larger and was forced rather than chosen. On the up side, I’ve got positive results on my side: The affected web sites are now serving legitimate traffic just as if the attack weren’t ongoing.

      As always, time will tell.

      1. theinfiniterally

        So a regular client with an irregular problem. Gosh but that the internet sometimes seems like a scary playground. I might just close all my accounts soon, at least when the shit hits the fan. That way tinkering with accounts will be a PITA from her perspective.

        1. happierheathen Post author

          The internet is a very bad neighborhood. And this here WordPress contraption is one of the worst offenders in making it so, too. The underlying software has been involved in all kinds of malicious activity on the web because the folks who wrote it aren’t paying attention to the highest priority of all in web application development, security.

          If’n ya wants some help securing your computing world, I’ll gladly offer up the guidance I can. Just holler, in a virtual hollering kind of way.


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