My ass is not large enough for all of the pains to which it’s being subjected today.


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    1. happierheathen Post author

      Oh hells noes to Doritos. I can’t get stoned enough to think those things belong in my body. But I could fry up some tortilla chips and make nachos… Mmmm… nachos…. 🙂

      1. theinfiniterally

        I just thought we were trying to destroy your body. My mistake.

        I was dying for nachos last night. Now I’m dying for nachos today. I guess if I eat nachos, I might actually die. It’d be worth it.

        1. happierheathen Post author

          🙂 I’ve superior methods of destruction, thanks. So far, in my experience, nachos have been a non-fatal indulgence. It might be, though, that they’re a cumulative toxin.


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