gods ‘n’ stuff

First a word from our sponsor:

Will someone please kill that god damned Beep beep boop splash graphic? Every time I see it I am treated to the mental image of R2D2 with a marital aid extended from his industrial vacuum cleaner body giving Betty Boop a vigorous happy ending. Thank you.

We now return to our regularly scheduled deprogramming in progress:

If I were given to beliefs in gods or any other variety of extraterrestrial sentience corporeal or otherwise with the capacity and desire to futz about with human endeavors and conditions on Earth, I’d be thinking that just now that the universe or gods or what the fuck ever were working to right longstanding wrongs. I’d also be highly pissed off at ’em for having created, allowed, or merely having failed to prevent those wrongs.

Three weeks ago the male half of the dysfunctional duo that brought me into this world and then spent more than four decades punishing me for it shuffled his psychotic ass off of this here mortal coil. I tried to be sad but it quickly became apparent that I might just as well try to be a rainbow trout. A week ago my violent stepson lost visitation rights to his children and my youngest lost the right to be alone with her children, though only one child is affected because the other hasn’t seen her in a number of years anyway. I can’t envision a future in which she doesn’t lose the youngest kid, too. It’s like someone’s pruning the diseased limbs away to save the tree and allow it to become healthy.

Never mind that there’s no way that something smarter and more compassionate than me created this world in which we all must live and die. I’d not bitch if something or some things smarter and more compassionate than me with the power to alter reality were to get involved and defuckerize this mess, and if he, she, it, or they would just get on with the bringing about harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding, no more falsehoods or derisions, golden living dreams of visions, mystic crystal revelation and the mind’s true liberation I’d be more than happy to stand right up and say that something bigger than us did it. We surely don’t have it in us to do it alone — the most technologically advanced culture this world has ever known or is likely ever to know devotes more resources to state sanctioned oppression and murder than it does to all of its efforts for the betterment of life combined. Apparently there ain’t no one smarter or more compassionate than me running the country, either.

Heh, listen to me, talking about intelligence and compassion after saying things like “what the fuck ever” and “ain’t no one”, and admitting that I haven’t found a tear to shed over my father’s death. Any who don’t know me would think me hypocritical.

I have an appointment with some nice, organic, outdoor grown marijuana now, and I’m late, so until next time: Stay Weird!



10 thoughts on “gods ‘n’ stuff

  1. theinfiniterally

    I will listen to you, thank you very much. Any who don’t know you oughtn’t think about you so much as to call you a hypocrite.

    I occasionally become so affronted by the fact of suffering that I want to stop existing in protest. I can’t fathom how or why any amount of good that might come from suffering could ever justify the suffering necessary to procure the good. But then I figure I’m stuck here one way or another, so I might as well make a go of it.

    Good to know you’re a man who keeps appointments! My co-mountaineer saw my bag of Holy Basil and thought it was MJ.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      🙂 Go for it! I can’t get through a day without using it at least once. I’ve got something to defuckerize here in a few minutes, if the fucker who fuckerized things will get around to explaining the problem clearly enough that I can find a starting point.

  2. theinfiniterally

    On the other hand…I’ve encountered folks who seemed to perform the function of god about as well as any sky deity ever could. Who cares about form when you’ve got function?

    Now if we could just clone them…

  3. sunsetdragon

    Sad when the parents have to be axed out of the family tree to allow the new growth to develop and grow in a healthy way.
    The guy next door was the local pot grower and distributer-illegally of course and after a long night of the assholes apt., the undercover dude showed up this morning and his happy ass is in jail.
    There is an undercover dude in his apt busting the dumb asses who come over to get stoned with him.
    If someone wants to smoke it good on them.
    if they want to sell and grow it good on them.
    Just do n”t keep me up all night.
    Granny is not a nice old broad with no sleep and do not share it with me by filling the breeze way with the stench.
    If I wanted to smoke it I would get the good stuff and not cheap assed shake.
    TY I have now concluded my rant.

  4. girlforgetful

    I think it’s good to know who you don’t want to be, and having living examples close at hand makes it easier to go a different way. Then again, they always leave their stain on us. As we do on ours, and so on, and so on.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      It’s funny you should put it that way: It wasn’t until just about five years ago that I realized that instead of having developed my own identity I had taken on being “not them”. I’ve been in a slow burning identity crisis ever since and hope to keep it going for a couple or three more decades. 🙂


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