Fuck Hobby Lobby.


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    1. happierheathen Post author

      Nah, I wouldn’t get pregnant. I’m not one of their employees! 😀

      What’s the matter with them? They found a bullshit excuse to save on their health insurance premiums — or they really are fanatichristians who believe that the shit in their heads is reason enough to deny their employees reproductive health care. Either way, we’re never going back into one of their stores.

    1. promisesunshine

      now i’m envisioning a long line of young pregnant girls with a blurb like “hobby lobbyists” or “hobby lobby baby squad” or “baby via the lobby”. and then the CEO can stone them or some such.

      1. kaylar

        i think the heathen’s wise mate might mention something about karma about now. i could be wrong, but, (even given some of what has happened to, or been caused by me,) i still believe in the uniVerse.

        1. LAMarcom

          I believe in universe too.
          (Huge Bang and all that jazz)
          On a good day.
          The other days… I curse a God whut don’t exist.
          But that is just me.
          (Yeah! I am an ass)
          Forgive me?

          1. kaylar

            agreed, re ALL of that. the Creator might have just died, in that Big Bang. but. i still suspect some kind of fractal balance (or balancing act 😉 )

    1. happierheathen Post author

      That sounds like fun! I could get a shirt made with the word Heathen printed on it in large letters, and go through the store loading at least two carts high with all kinds of small things. Then drag them toward the door and at the last step while they’re looking at me as an audacious shoplifter, abandon the carts and walk out. Just to be an asshole.

      That’s actually an old shoplifter trick. While the one who’s loading a cart or a garbage can or whatever attracts all of the watchful eyes, accomplices go through the store loading up.


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