Random Updates

I’ve not heard a peep out of my BAMF Dreamer client since I told him that I wasn’t interested in paying him a hundred grand for the privilege of doing all of the hard work to make his dreams come true and taking the biggest risk that it might not. His silence might or might not mean something but I’m not making any assumptions.

My resolve to answer only the questions that are asked is still strong, and having some nice results. Nice as in profitable. I still find myself explaining to clients why they don’t want a given thing because it will bite them on their asses, but when a thing is harmless I might not say so much about it. If a guy wants to buy bite marks, well, hell, as long as it’s not my teeth or my ass I’m good with it.

I haven’t played a hand of poker in far too long. I need to fix that.

I like marijuana. And have some. No need to fix that!

Oops. Now I have a little less.



8 thoughts on “Random Updates

  1. kaylar

    I finally gave up and looked up BAMF, thinking your big educated brain meant something specifically techy. have you looked it up recently? dude. or yo, BAMF 😉


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