Sleep Is Good.

It seems that the insomnia has broken. My mental capacity at the moment is nothing to attempt to write with, and I’m a bit temporally misplaced, but good sense is not my forté so I shall hippie on. As opposed to soldiering on, naturally.

I believe it was Friday night when the insomnia gave its last hurrah. I was up until after 4AM, and since I wasn’t really doing much of anything else I figured it a good time to drink too much wine and lose all of my valueless poker chips. I was cheered on vigorously for the duration of the pursuit by those who were not drunk and stupid, and with their encouragement I succeeded most gloriously. With the sweet taste of success lingering on my palate I called it a night and staggered off to bed. I awoke around 1PM, we ran an errand then had some lunch, and then I was asleep on the sofa by 2:30. Some time later I hauled myself off to bed and remained there until about 2 o’clock this afternoon. The only reason I crawled out again was that too much horizontal time disrupts the usual calm of my digestive tract — it’s no fun having entirely too much gall with no bladder in which to keep it.

And that’s what I know of what’s happening here in snowy Dinkytown on this fine Sunday afternoon. The rest of the world is well beyond my knowledge or concern just now, but I hope that wherever you are you’re having a glorious day. Be well, friends and neighbors!



3 thoughts on “Sleep Is Good.

  1. cocosangel

    It was a glorious day here, with nice weather. I slept almost till about 12 pm, and woke up when my daughter brought, Iced coffee, and McDonald’s breakfast. 🙂


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