Yay. Kinda.

The good news is that I got my DNS server fixed this morning. The bad news is that the fix doesn’t make sense. I find that unnerving because computers running Linux/Unix/BSD are supposed to make sense. I know that’s a foreign concept for you Windoze and Macintoy users out there, but that’s whatcha get for paying for operating systems instead of using any of the multitude of free ones. Ha! 😀

I honestly don’t know why anyone would pay for an operating system. Two decades ago you had to be technically savvy to run Linux, but these days there are (dumbed down) versions that make all of the fun decisions for you and just give you something that works right out of the metaphorical box, perfectly free for the downloading. So what’s stoppin’ ya? 😀

Moving right along…

It’s a funny thing: While I’m deeply involved in what I’m doing and especially if it’s causing stress, Miss Autumn always comes into the office and vocally demands attention. If I ignore her she walks on my desk, and it’s the only time she ever walks on my desk. When I’m just hanging around doing nothing much, like right now, she’s somewhere else. I wonder why that is. Is she picking up on my stress and trying to make me feel better? Or is she picking up on my stress and being a pain in the ass for her own amusement? Regardless of whatever reality might be I’m going with the former. Too many people who’ve been too close to me have been of the latter disposition.

I’ve just successfully resisted the temptation to go there. Yay!

I had hoped that my period of insomnia was essentially ended, but the DNS server punking out on me undid that silly notion. I was doing relatively okay for a while this morning, but now I’m just plain zorched. That must mean that it’s time to shut up before I embarrass myself, eh? Perhaps I should go be a bother to the cat.

Be well, friends and neighbors!




9 thoughts on “Yay. Kinda.

        1. LAMarcom

          I will definitely check this out. And comment more, but for now, I am outta beer and must attend to that.
          Seriously though, I will check this out.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      It depends. What I like to do when I help someone transition from Windows to Linux is to just install an additional hard disk drive into their machine, and install Linux onto it. That way the old operating system remains in place and the user can boot into it at will, though it’s only necessary to do that to use applications for which there’s no Linux counterpart. The Linux OS can work with the data on the Windows drive just fine, but it doesn’t go the other way around — Windows doesn’t understand Linux file systems.

      A slicker trick, should you decide you want to stay with Linux essentially full time but still need Windows occasionally, is to install VMware in Linux, then install your old Windows operating system into VMware and copy whatever you might need into that Windows installation. Rather than dual booting so you get only one or the other operating system, with the virtual machine you can run both simultaneously, with VMware running in Linux, and Windows running in VMware. That’s how I play online poker and watch Netflix, since the folks who provide those services don’t care to support Linux users.

      1. Roadkill Spatula

        Would it run off of an external hard drive? I have a laptop that probably doesn’t have room for another hard drive.

        With a virtual machine, do you still need virus protection?

        1. happierheathen Post author

          If you can boot the external, it’ll work. It won’t be as fast, of course, because the I/O channel is narrower, but it’d work well enough to let you get a feel for whether you want to stay with it or not. The interesting thing about Linux is that if you don’t like the look/feel of the thing, you can change it — there are many, many window managers to choose from, and most are very highly configurable.

          I use antivirus on my virtual machines containing Windows so that the VM can’t be hijacked. On the other hand, if you can take backups (when the VM isn’t running) you might be able to get by by just watching for suspicious signs and restoring from a previous backup if things get out of hand. I keep those backups anyway, and if an update makes the thing unstable I just restore to the last stable version I had and continue along. It saves me from wasting time troubleshooting Redmondtonian idiocy. Then again, I have a beefy and automated backup server on my network so I don’t have to even think about it until I need it.

          Something you might try is running, albeit slowly, with a live CD that will let you see the thing in action without committing to it. There are live CD’s around with different window managers — you might like the overzealous hand-holding of KDE, or the abominable cuteness of Gnome, or the simple ease and light weight speed of Xfce4 (which is what I recommend for most new users, and also what I use myself). With CD’s being cheap enough to burn, you could try several before committing to anything at all.


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