Spring in the Rockies

The little weatherman who lives in my phone alerted me just a bit ago about a storm blowing in Saturday through Monday night:

This storm has unusually cold air for may and could drop snow levels into the higher valleys on Sunday and Sunday night. All mountains and high valleys are threatened to receive significant snowfall. The west central Colorado mountains may get over a foot of new snow.


I’m not at all surprised, but some folks surely will be. Every time we’ve had out of town guests for our Independence Day happenings I’ve implored them to please, please, please remember to bring warm coats… Every time we’ve had out of town guests for our Independence Day happenings I’ve ended up freezing my nuts off after giving up my coat. We haven’t had guests at that time since returning to Dinkytown, but I’ve already vowed that I will not give up my coat again and I’m going to be very sure to make it known before they depart from their warmer climes to travel here.

In other news, the ass clown of whom I wrote earlier rang my phone this afternoon. I knew it was him without even looking at my phone because he’s the only one to whom I’ve assigned a ringtone that is a female voice saying, “An idiot is attempting to reach you on your cellular device”. πŸ˜€ His call came after my official office week had ended, and he wasn’t on my must-do list of priorities for the day anyway. I’ll call him back on Monday. There’s no crisis…

Oh, wait, there is too a crisis. Just as I was about to call this post done and take my sorry heathen ass off to bed my DNS server punked out on me. I don’t get it. It was running just fine, hasn’t been reconfigured or upgraded recently… now it won’t do recursive queries for my LAN. It still tells the world about my servers, but it won’t tell my own machines about the rest of the internet outside of my own network. What fun. I’m going back to that now.

Be well, friends and neighbors, and have a better evening than I’m having!


9 thoughts on “Spring in the Rockies

          1. Teela Hart

            Can’t wait! LOL
            I have one for my Dad that says “Warning, your dad is calling and there will be no right answers, abort, abort”
            That one get’s a laugh too.

            1. happierheathen Post author

              I don’t have any parent related ringtones — they don’t know how to contact me. My mother apparently had a third brain cell she didn’t let on about and used it to create a new email address, but I outsmarted her: I had a fourth brain cell in reserve, and used it to blacklist her new email address on my mail server. πŸ˜€

              I’ve got another handy ringtone that sounds an alarm and says, “Warning! Warning! Bullshitter Alert! Bullshitter Alert!”. It’s handy for my own purposes, but I don’t really want it sounding in public because people might think it’s a public service announcement and shun me.

  1. Sarah Key

    My apartment’s air conditioner has stopped working, and I still don’t think I could handle snow right now. Are you enjoying the cooler weather?

    1. happierheathen Post author

      I pretty much enjoy all of the weather here, really. I’m ready for summer, but Spring will do just fine. Especially this, since I’m in great need of some do nothing downtime and the weather is my excuse for not mowing the lawns this weekend.

      Bummer about your air conditioner. Time to head for the mountains! πŸ™‚


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